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At a glance

Our global capabilities combine portfolio construction and risk analytics, as well as pension solutions with capital, regulatory and industry expertise.

  • We are committed to delivering our clients solutions across all asset classes across DWS.
  • We operate in a product- and wrapper-agnostic way.  
  • We are a global multi asset platform, and provide the full range of Multi Asset products and Services from high conviction Total-Return and Income Strategies, to OCIO (outsourced CIO) asset allocation advisory services and bespoke Institutional Solutions.

With this we are organized around focus Strategies and Solutions:


  • Best-in-class high conviction Total-Return and Income Strategies
  • Multi Asset strategies with ESG focus
  • A scalable core Multi Asset portfolio offering (eMAPS) incl. and OCIO services


  • We are advisor of choice for bespoke Portfolio and Pension Solutions
  • Our global Solutions capabilities combine portfolio construction and risk analytics, pension solutions combined with capital, regulatory and industry expertise
  • We structure and advise goal-based asset & liability-driven solutions for our clients and hence facilitate business for all asset classes (Active, Passive, Alternatives) across DWS

Leveraging capabilities across the global investment platform - well set up to compete for growth

Systematic & Quantitative

Sophisticated product structuring capabilities and proprietary methodologies enable us to see and respond to challenges in new ways.

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1. Eager, Davies & Holmes – outsourced non-affiliate general account insurance assets (as of Dec 31, 2016

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