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DWS believes in the inherent value of active investment management. Our ~450 investment professionals aim to be leading active investors, who deliver alpha to clients by leveraging our investment talent using a quantitative and fundamental approach to capitalise on market inefficiencies in a responsible manner.

Qi Dynamic Factors - Global

With a track record spanning nearly two decades, DWS’ Quantitative Investments (Qi) strategy employs a quantitative investment approach to identify the optimal set of factors to discriminate between more and less attractive stocks. Our strategies are dynamic in (a) their use of factor descriptors and (b) in their adaptive factor tilting.

Our dynamic multi-factor model diversifies factor exposure, thereby refraining from any single-style bias, but most importantly, the dynamic factor weighting allows us to adapt to different market environments and avoid the potentially adverse impact of structural breaks.

Portfolio Managers: Dr. Irina Sidorovitch & Dr. Cord Brannolte


Dynamic Factor Investing

The Quant Road to ESG integration

Emerging Market Equities

Emerging economies are not homogenous, each reacting differently to global and local events. In the DWS emerging market team, we believe in global perspective and local knowledge. We have investment teams locally based in Asia, Latin America and Europe led by experienced global portfolio managers.

Our process starts with country and currencies allocation, with stock and sector selections based on their fit for the given environment. We have a strong focus on risk-adjusted relative performance, seeking to avoid taking excessive, unintended or insufficient risks.


Why Emerging Markets are defined by ESG

Investing in Multi Asset

DWS’s Multi Asset expertise lies both in our strategic asset allocation capabilities and in our tactical asset allocation policy that we have developed over many years. The breadth and depth of our investment platform is a strong differentiator, particularly when it comes to European markets. Combined with our proprietary risk allocation approach, we put particular focus on maximizing risk-adjusted returns and pride ourselves in working closely with clients on strategic partnerships, advisory services, total return and retirement income solutions.


DWS Multi-Asset Long View

Time to get a GRIP


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1. Source: DWS, As at 31 December 2019 FX: EUR-AUD of 1.64

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