DWS secures green energy across European real estate assets

DWS’s real estate business today announced it has secured green energy for landlord-controlled energy supplies across the majority of its European real estate portfolio, comprising an additional 150 buildings across 12 countries, following the execution of a centralised Green Energy Procurement programme over the past one and a half years. This brings the total number of buildings in DWS’s European portfolio supplied by green energy in common areas to almost 300. All of the energy procured is backed by Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates and, as a result, DWS will save circa 130.000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the respective contract terms.


DWS has centralised to one energy provider per country to improve efficiencies in both reporting and management of energy procurement. In addition, the selected suppliers are ‘digital-enabled’, allowing for seamless e-billing and the automated streaming of consumption data into ESG data platforms and benchmarks for reporting to investors.


The tender process included both electricity and natural gas supplies. The energy supply and price has been secured until the end of 2023 or 2024, dependent on each local market.


This initiative builds on a recently announced active energy management programme, the rollout of a smart energy optimisation solution across an initial portfolio of 42 commercial real estate assets held within DWS’s funds globally with the aim to reduce energy demand and associated costs. Both initiatives also contribute to DWS’s company-wide commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 for our assets under management. This goal is being further supported by the rollout of a DWS Green Lease Framework at the beginning of this year, which seeks a stronger alignment between tenants and landlord regarding sustainability targets, including the procurement of green energy by tenants.


Benita Schneider, Head of Real Estate Asset Management for Europe, said: “This Green Energy Procurement programme closes the gap on our European properties that are already using green energy. Ensuring that almost all of our 300 European properties will use renewable energy in our landlord-controlled areas marks a further commitment to climate protection.” She added: “Sustainability in real estate really matters. In addition to our own programmes which combine providing risk-adjusted returns with measures that minimise environmental risks and reduce operating costs, we continue to engage with our tenants to join us. Ongoing talks as well as green lease agreements – tenancy agreements that stipulate that the tenant participates in corresponding projects – will help us to further reduce our collective carbon footprint.”


As a fiduciary investor, DWS is focused on providing ESG expertise to enable clients to invest responsibly and in a way that contributes to a sustainable future. DWS was among the early signatories of the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2008 and was the first German asset manager to join the Net Zero Asset Manager initiative in December 2020.

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