DWS and Global Action Plan survey reveals significant impact air quality plays in property selection

DWS in partnership with Global Action Plan (GAP) today announced the key findings from their latest white paper titled: The Value of Clean Air. With air pollution the single largest environment health risk in Europe[1], over 5,000 participants were surveyed in what is the first landlord-sponsored research to understand the importance of air quality to European residential tenants. The survey was conducted in April 2022 with mid-market renters in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

The findings reveal significant opportunities for property managers and institutional real estate owners to improve air quality for residential tenants through raising awareness and targeted asset management strategies.


Key findings:

  • Over half of renters said that they would be more likely to renew their tenancy if a property had been managed to minimise air pollution, even if it meant paying more
  • Renters consider landlords highly responsible for managing air quality within their homes, yet very few have received air pollution information or advice from landlords
  • Over half of renters are concerned about the impact of air pollution on their health, while having a low level of understanding about the measures available to minimise their exposure to air pollution both indoors and outdoors

Jessica Hardman, Head of European Portfolio Management for Real Estate at DWS said: “It’s clear that the value of clean air is a significant priority for tenants, and taking active steps to positively impact air quality is therefore a responsibility that landlords must address to continue meeting the needs of residential tenants. Institutional investors that priorities air quality can therefore directly contribute to improving the overall health and wellbeing of residential tenants and their families.”

Larissa Lockwood, Director of Clean Air at Global Action Plan said: “Property managers are ideally positioned to play an important role in educating tenants on air quality in and around their properties and providing wellbeing solutions to air quality issues. In the absence of clear legislative directives, we believe the onus is on landlords and real estate owners to proactively collaborate with their tenants and other key stakeholders to create a safe and healthy living environment.”

DWS is actively involved in initiatives to improve air quality across its European real estate portfolio as it focuses on the health and wellbeing of tenants. This includes a recent initiative to install plasma air purification technology in around 750 elevators in portfolio properties in Europe, previously announced here.



1. World Health Organization (2021)


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