DWS Annual General Meeting – overview of voting results

The shareholders of DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA voted as follows on the fundamental items on the agenda of this year's Annual General Meeting:

Resolution on the appropriation of distributable profit for the 2019 fiscal year (item 2)
The distributable profit in the fiscal year 2019 totalled approximately EUR 396.6 million. The Annual General Meeting has voted, as proposed by the General Partner and the Supervisory Board, that EUR 334 million of the distributable profit will be used for the payment of a dividend. This corresponds to EUR 1.67 per share. The remaining sum of approximately EUR 62.6 million will be allocated to the revenue reserves. The resolution was passed with a majority of 99.99 %.

Discharge (items 3 and 4)
The General Partner and the members of the Supervisory Board were discharged with a majority of 99.98 % and 99.98 %, respectively.

Election of the statutory auditor and group auditor (item 5a)
As proposed by the Supervisory Board, the Annual General Meeting has appointed KPMG with a majority of 99.88 % as the auditor of the annual financial statements and as the auditor of the consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year 2020.

Election to the Supervisory Board (item 6)
The Annual General Meeting has, as proposed by the Supervisory Board, elected Minoru Kimura and Bernd Leukert to the Supervisory Board of DWS until the end of the General Meeting that resolves on the ratification of the acts of management for fiscal year 2022; this with a majority of 99.77 % and 99.77 %, respectively. 

The precise voting results on the individual items on the agenda will be available shortly at https://group.dws.com/ir/annual-general-meeting/.

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