DWS launches first European infrastructure strategy for retail investors

DWS today announced the launch of a new European infrastructure investment strategy which offers investors, and for the first time also German retail investors, the opportunity to invest in infrastructure projects in Europe. This development is made possible by the German Fund Jurisdiction Act, which came into force in Germany in August 2021 allowing retail investors to participate in infrastructure project investments. The strategy is the first to be launched under DWS's previously announced family of investment solutions focusing on different aspects of European Transformation.

Designed as an open-ended infrastructure investment strategy, investments will take place in unlisted infrastructure projects and companies that develop and operate related projects. The strategy’s focus is on renewable energy projects in the EU region, to which infrastructure assets from the digitalisation or utilities sectors, as well as projects aimed at environmentally friendly and sustainable transport sectors can be added for diversification.

Direct investments in specific infrastructure projects have so far been reserved primarily for institutional investors due to very high minimum investment amounts. The German Fund Jurisdiction Act allows the strategy to be launched as an open-ended structure and therefore available to retail investors and private clients. The recommended investment horizon is medium- to long-term and at least 3 to 5 years, to take into account statutory minimum holding and notice periods.

"This investment solution creates a win-win situation for industrial companies and investors alike. For the first time, private investors in Germany can participate in investing directly into infrastructure projects, as they would with an investment into open-ended mutual property strategy, with amounts as low as 50 euros. In addition, companies wishing to finance such projects benefit from additional sources of capital," says Peter Brodehser, Partner Infrastructure Investments at DWS. "The aim of the strategy is to deliver an attractive risk-adjusted return with stable annual distributions and the lowest possible fluctuations in value."

Investment solution to support the European transformation

The European infrastructure strategy is the first new launch to sit in DWS's family of investment solutions announced in December 2022 that focus on various aspects of European Transformation. DWS’s view is that Europe will need to make significant investments in the coming decades to transform its economies, reduce external dependencies and build a sustainable industrial landscape if the continent is to secure its current high standard of living and lay the foundations for future prosperity. 

DWS' family of new investment solutions will not only cover already identified transformation areas such as green transition, energy, infrastructure, and commercial and residential real estate, but will also offer investors the opportunity to invest specifically in different asset classes. DWS believes it is well positioned to play an important role in helping to meet the growing demand for private capital and to fill financing gaps in strategically important transformation areas.

DWS – Infrastructure (direct investments)

DWS has been investing in infrastructure assets since 1994. The global platform – which provides client solutions covering private equity infrastructure, debt and separate account mandates – gives investors access to such economic sectors as transportation, utilities, telecommunications, and other service sectors critical to the basic functioning of local and global economies. As part of the Alternatives platform, the direct infrastructure business holds more than EUR 15 billion in assets under management (as of 30 September 2022) and more than 40 infrastructure investment professionals. With 25+ years of direct infrastructure experience, DWS employs a disciplined investment approach and aims to deliver superior long-term risk adjusted returns, preservation of capital and diversification to its investors, which include governments, corporations, insurance companies, endowments, and retirement plans worldwide.

DWS - Real Estate

DWS has been investing in real estate assets for more than 50 years. As part of the Alternatives platform, the real estate business has nearly 350 employees in more than 20 cities around the world and more than EUR 82 billion in assets under management (as of 30 September 2022). Providing a diverse range of strategies and solutions across the risk/return and geographic spectrums, we offer core and value-added real estate, real estate debt, real estate securities and opportunistic real estate. The real estate investment business employs a disciplined investment approach and aims to deliver attractive long-term risk adjusted returns, preservation of capital and diversification to its investors, which include governments, corporations, insurance companies, endowments, retirement plans, and private clients worldwide.


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