DWS Sees Start of Green Industrialization and Details Strategic Priorities at Annual General Meeting

At today's Annual General Meeting, the shareholders of DWS will vote on the following main agenda items: The appropriation of retained earnings including the distribution of a dividend of EUR 1.81 per share and the approval of the compensation system for the Managing Directors of the General Partner (Executive Board). In addition, the election of the statutory auditor and group auditor is on the agenda. The shareholders' meeting takes place virtually.

In their speeches to DWS shareholders, Karl von Rohr and Asoka Woehrmann emphasize the following strategic aspects:

Karl von Rohr, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DWS: “The financial performance in 2020 once again highlights the outstanding work of the entire DWS team under the leadership of Asoka Woehrmann in phase one as a listed asset manager. The second phase will now be about setting the right strategy to meet the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow.”

Asoka Woehrmann, CEO of DWS, emphasises with regard to the second phase of the corporate journey as a listed asset manager: “The adjusted profit before tax increased significantly by 39 percent compared to the first quarter of 2020. After tax, net profit also rose by almost two-fifths. We have therefore made an excellent start to the second phase of our corporate journey in the first quarter of 2021.

In this phase we want to position DWS for the coming decades. We want to innovate and grow in order to remain successful and to become a leader in the asset management industry – as a global company with strong roots in Germany and Europe. We want to be successful by being at the forefront of issues that will move and shape the markets, society and our clients over the coming years.”

Woehrmann adds: “The all-defining trend in the markets is clearly the low interest rate environment that continues to prevail. But perhaps the most important and most relevant issue of this decade is sustainability. We are at the beginning of a green industrialization. It is the next industrial revolution. As asset managers, we too have a central role to play in this green industrialization. As fiduciary investors for our clients, who are increasingly demanding sustainable, climate-friendly actions in their investments, we are in a key position to accompany and indeed to lead the economy into green industrialization. Not only to do the right thing – but also, quite clearly, to remain successful as an asset manager.”

With regard to digitalization, Woehrmann adds: “We will participate in this new digital era, as a corporate and of course as an asset manager for our clients. To this end, we have launched a huge project to fundamentally rebuild our IT platform – tailored to our business and capable of flexibly integrating new digital technologies.”

At https://group.dws.com/ir/annual-general-meeting/ you can find the agenda and other documents on the Annual General Meeting, as well as a link for the live broadcast including the speeches by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the CEO.


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