4 euros per share: DWS Top Dividende with new record distribution

DWS Top Dividende increases its distribution for the ninth time in a row and will pay 4 euros per share to its investors on 26 November 2021 – 35 cents more than in the previous year and a new record. Since its launch on 28 April 2003, the fund has thus paid out a total of around 5.5 billion euros. For the financial year 2020/2021, the total distribution amounts to around 520 million euros.

"In the second year of the Corona crisis, the global economy has largely recovered after some severe slumps," says Thomas Schuessler, portfolio manager of DWS Top Dividende. In this environment, the DWS Top Dividende was able to benefit from both rising stock markets around the globe and increasing dividend payments: "Around 80 percent of the stocks in the fund have increased their distributions compared to the previous year, which is reflected in an average dividend growth of 10 percent in the portfolio," says the portfolio manager of the DWS dividend flagship.

In Schuessler's view, equities are likely to be among the highest-yielding investments in the coming year as well, but he sees the price potential significantly lower than in the current year: "Dividends should therefore become more important again as a source of income." In terms of valuation, Schuessler sees little room for equities. "Price-earnings ratios are high in many sectors and the air is slowly getting thinner for valuation expansions." With focus on the recent sharp rise in inflation figures, he believes the fund is well equipped: "The DWS Top Dividende focuses a large part of the portfolio on equities for which rising inflation rates are generally not detrimental – these are, for example, equities of companies from the material or energy sector, in which the fund is partly significantly overweighted compared to the broad market."

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