Five-star mirror fund of DWS Invest Dynamic Opportunities breaks the two billion Euro AuM barrier

The Germany-domiciled mirror fund of the multi-asset fund DWS Invest Dynamic Opportunities, which has been awarded a top five-star rating by Morningstar, recently has surpassed two billion Euro in assets under management. This means that assets under management have more than doubled within 16 months.

Despite the market turmoil until mid-March triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, investors have already entrusted fund manager Christoph Schmidt with nearly 400 million Euros1 of new money this year. Last year, the net inflow of funds amounted to more than 750 million Euro.

This development reflects the continued above-average performance even under historically difficult market conditions. In the first seven months of 2020, for example, the Germany-domiciled mirror fund performed better than 80 percent of its competitors in the peer group of dynamic mixed funds².

The fund's long-term performance is also convincing, as evidenced by Morningstar's five stars. This top rating is awarded to the ten percent of funds that have the best risk-adjusted return over a period of at least three years within a peer group. Over a five-year period, the Germany-domiciled mirror fund of the DWS Invest Dynamic Opportunities is among the top 9 percent of its peer group².

"The main reason for the very good result this year was that we took advantage of the market sell-off caused by the coronavirus pandemic to significantly increase our equity allocation, with a particular focus on technology stocks. This is why the fund has also participated strongly in the market recovery from mid-March onwards," says Schmidt. In addition, the gold position of just under nine percent most recently had a very positive effect in view of the record hunt for the price of the precious metal.

Like its Germany-domiciled mirror fund, the DWS Invest Dynamic Opportunities belongs to the group of DWS' multi-asset total return funds, in which each member has a specific risk profile. Within this product family, DWS Invest Dynamic Opportunities is designed for investors with a somewhat greater appetite for risk.

1 Source: DWS, end of June 2020
2 Source: Morningstar, end of July 2020

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