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17. Jul 2019

CIO Commodity Commentary

Our monthly analysis and outlook on commodities

19. Jul 2019

Greek gifts

Chart of the Week

17. Jul 2019

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12. Jul 2019

The American freight train slows down

Chart of the Week

17. Jul 2019

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27. Jun 2019 Multi Asset

Reduce risk, increase flexibility

We are less gloomy on the outlook than bond markets. In our view, equity markets have to correct before offering opportunities for entry.

25. Jun 2019 Politics

Europe's green wave

Green electoral gains at the European elections reflect broader changes in attitudes, especially towards climate change.

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Investment Topics

18. Jul 2019 Sustainability

Are you a sustainability pro? Test yourself

Many of us dream about living a more sustainable life. But what does that mean in reality? In day-to-day life it’s hard to always do the right thing. So how eco-conscious are you really? Here’s where you get to find out…

17. Jul 2019 Equities

Dividends are an investor's best friend

A look at the USA shows that in the long term, corporate payouts are the biggest contributor to a stock’s total return.

10. Jul 2019 Bonds

Bonds – falling interest rates may cause yields to crumble

Major central banks have given firm indications that they will once again loosen monetary policy this year. This is also weighing on bond yield expectations.

DWS Research Institute

29. Apr 2019 Private Equity

Have your private equity cake and eat it

Up until now, investors in private equity had to choose between the superior alpha of direct buy-outs or a secondary market that offered more liquidity and less risk.

26. Apr 2019 ESG

The strategic benefits of microfinance funds

Creating returns while contributing to economic growth and the Sustainable Development Goals by reducing poverty and supporting female entrepreneurs, plus the potential to help improve resilience to physical climate impacts

31. Jan 2019 Multi Asset

Multi-Asset Longview

A new DWS study examines the most important asset classes’ long-term return expectations. The "Multi-Asset Long View" offers long-term investors valuable insights for their portfolio composition.

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