ESG Thematic Research

Providing academic insights and market knowledge

Our dedicated ESG Thematic Research team analyses relevant ESG topics and publishes reports on the issues and megatrends impacting investment decisions, such as climate change, renewable energy, water sustainability, corporate governance and social and labour practices. The team also partners with leading academics and sustainable finance experts, as well as participating in industry working groups and providing input to policymakers in cooperation with DWS’s investment specialists as it relates to ESG.

A robust ESG thematic research capability is an essential element in increasing the awareness of controversial ESG issues that are relevant for our client base and investment professionals. With in-depth analysis our clients are therefore better placed to make a decision on how they treat certain controversial sectors as well as identify potential investment risks and opportunities. Last but not least, we leverage the knowledge of our sector analysts across equities and fixed income for ESG integration related issues.

Financial markets are having to contend with rapid technological change and the increasing scope and pace of ESG regulation with the consequent implications for investment returns. The following research snapshots provide a flavour of some of the sectors and asset classes we believe hold significant ESG risks and/or opportunities.


"Our task is to support our clients and investment teams

to understand and consider major sustainability risks

and opportunities in their everyday business."

Michael Lewis,

Head of ESG Thematic Research

Our ESG Research

18. Nov 2019 ESG

Integrating climate transition risk into investment portfolios

Climate change is a significant risk for investors, from the financial losses incurred from extreme weather events, the asset re-pricing in the transition to a low carbon economy to the use of law courts as a new instrument to enforce and accelerate climate change action.

29. Okt 2019 ESG

Why emerging markets are defined by ESG

ESG forces are moving deeper into emerging markets from the network of central banks sharing best practice, stock exchanges mandating ESG disclosure requirements, regulators acting in the area of fiduciary duty and the launch of new EM-focused investment products.

09. Okt 2019 ESG

Responsible investing - The world tour

How the U.S. is playing a leading role, why ESG is particularly relevant for Emerging Markets, and Europe’s ambitions to be a global rule setter

24. Jul 2019 ESG

German Corporates & Sustainability

German corporates are faced with significant risks and opportunities when it comes to sustainability and specifically climate change.

26. Apr 2019 ESG

The strategic benefits of microfinance funds

Creating returns while contributing to economic growth and the Sustainable Development Goals by reducing poverty and supporting female entrepreneurs, plus the potential to help improve resilience to physical climate impacts

28. Jan 2019 ESG

Ambitions of the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan

The Why, The What and The How

28. Nov 2018 ESG

Green bonds explained

Green bonds are an important part of a portfolio that is aligned with the low-carbon transition.

23. Nov 2018 ESG

Experts on climate change

Everything you need to know about climate change from a scientific, legal, actuarial, accounting, investment consultant, and portfolio management perspective.

07. Nov 2018 ESG

Greening the financial system and the role of central banks

Central banks are increasing their efforts to promote the transition to a more sustainable financial system

05. Okt 2018 ESG

The quant road to ESG integration

Applying a quantitative approach to ESG integration offers big benefits to clients.

05. Sep 2018 ESG

Brace for impact

Sustainable and impact investing is the best way to generate returns while addressing the world's most critical problems.

03. Jul 2018 ESG

Transparency vital as climate change takes hold

With commitment and transparency, investors and issuers could better address the physical impact of extreme weather events.

01. Mai 2018 ESG

Leaders Low Carbon

Responsible investing that reduces your carbon footprint.

01. Apr 2018 ESG

Integrating SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide an important framework for governments, companies and investors

01. Feb 2018 ESG

Slaying ESG dragons

Put inconsistency, hypocrisy and unintended consequences to rest

01. Nov 2017 ESG

Measuring physical climate risk

Assessing and reducing equity portfolio risk from the growing frequency and intensity of natural disasters

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Our Research Experts

Michael Lewis

Head of ESG Thematic Research

Murray Birt

Senior ESG Strategist

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