Impact Summit Europe 2023

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For Professional Clients (MiFID Directive 2014/65/EU Annex II) only. No distribution to private/retail investors.

Welcome Impact Summit Europe delegate!

Thank you for going paperless. Please download the DWS materials we have selected for you from the links below.

Europe needs transformation

Click here to read why European transformation has become a matter of urgency.

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Sign up and meet DWS at the Investor Connect Sessions to get introduced to The European Energy Efficiency Fund – eeef

“The eeef is at the forefront of implementing the EU Green Deal by targeting EU Taxonomy conform renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. It allows investors to lead the European transformation by gaining exposure to lighthouse Public Private Partnership projects in Europe, while at the same time being protected by a substantial first loss buffer provided by the European Commission.”

Johannes Heickmann, Senior Product Specialist Private Debt I Sustainable Investments at DWS

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Transformative Investment Case: Infrastructure Debt: Private Capital markets as an agent of change

Click here to view our DWS ESG Infrastructure Debt Fund teaser

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The rise of infrastructure

Click here to learn more about the DWS’ infrastructure investment strategies Investing in infrastructure with DWS

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Our approach to real estate investing

Click here to learn more about DWS’ real estate investing capabilities Investing in real estate with DWS

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Our ESG Research

Your DWS contact persons at Impact Summit Europe

Johannes Heickmann

Senior Product Specialist Private Debt / Sustainable Investments, DWS

Yoshiko Saito

Global Head of ESG & Impact, Alternatives Specialists

Arjen Jonk

Country Head Netherlands and Belgium

Aman Basra

DWS Coverage Specialist Institutional

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