Measuring performance and impact of sustainable assets

greenstem is our flexible and comprehensive sustainability management web based platform. It supports lending which is conditional on environmental and social fund criteria.

Offering a flexible and robust platform, greenstem supports a variety of sustainable impact measurements including carbon and energy.

Fully versatile, its system can be configured to include a wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs) within the sustainability space. Our expert team will work with you to determine meaningful KPIs for your fund.

greenstem offers impact insight through customised real-time dashboards and reports. This allows the frequent communication of investment performance against impact targets.


  • ADVANCED PROCESSING: Built in functionality assesses environmental and social impacts using third party validated, up-to-date, project specific assumptions and methodologies in a simple and structured way.
  • FLEXIBLE: Our fully adaptable platform verifies and monitors a wide variety of project technologies of various economic scales providing automated carbon counting for small scale investments.
  • FULL REPORTING FUNCTIONALITY: Comprehensive and bespoke sustainability analytics and reports supported by a full audit trail.
  • INDIVIDUALISED DASHBOARDS: Each user has their own profile and suite of dashboards and reports which track and display portfolio performance and impacts visually.


greenstem provides timely and accurate data out-put configured to your specific sustainability  targets:

  • Clear indication of the expected environmental impacts of your investments.
  • Project evaluation and verification using third party certified calculations and methodologies which follow international frameworks and governance structures.
  • Reporting of fund specific key performance indicators.        

Carbon & Environmental Impact Management (CEIM) Services

Our in-house team are dedicated experts within the monitoring, verification and evaluation processes of sustainable impacts.

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