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DWS’s institutional clients include corporations, central banks, insurers, pension funds, public institutions, financial institutions and not-for-profit organisations. All have unique needs and require unique solutions.

As an institutional client of DWS, you can expect us to work in partnership with you to understand your organisation and deliver lasting value to it. We take into account considerations such as risk-return profiles, asset allocation, liquidity, geographic coverage and regulatory frameworks before designing and implementing the solutions you need.

You are always at the centre of what we do. Our Investment Advisory team serves as your gateway to the full range of our global capabilities, listening to your needs and ensuring that you have access to the resources best suited to satisfying your investment objectives.


Bringing clarity to complexity

Every corporation, regardless of size, faces complex investment challenges. These include reducing balance-sheet risk, mitigating volatility in capital markets and matching pension liabilities. Today there is also the crucial task of adopting a responsible and sustainable approach.

As one of the world’s leading asset managers, we can help corporations meet each of these objectives. With all of our global capabilities united under one roof, we are able to deliver innovative solutions in the active, passive and alternatives spaces – including real estate.

We aim to work with our corporate clients through all phases of the economic and business cycles. The breadth of our offering allows us to serve as a long-term partner and strategic adviser for multinationals, national companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for pooling institutions and pension schemes.

Our tailored services encompass pension solutions and the effective management of risk, liquidity, liabilities and assets. In addition, as an acknowledged pioneer in the sphere of responsible investing, we provide expert guidance on environmental, social and governance issues.

Insurers and pension funds

The benefit of experience

Servicing long-term liabilities is one of the greatest challenges facing many institutional investors today. Insurers and pension funds face increasing pressure in this regard.

We know this well from our unrivalled experience of the German market, where many institutions are subject to the Insurance Supervision Act (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz – VAG). This requires them to be able to service their long-term liabilities at all times, irrespective of the market environment or current pension obligations – meaning they must consistently generate a return on assets while keeping an eye on potential risks.

Drawing on the lessons of our home market, we use our integrated investment platform to provide innovative solutions that are tailored to individual client needs and specific regulatory frameworks. Our services encompass the likes of passive investments, illiquid real estate and infrastructure, as well as expert guidance on sustainable strategies and responsible investing.

Our in-depth expertise and long track record also underpin our ability to support clients in this space with strategic advice. We can provide valuable assistance in areas such as asset and liability management, liability-driven investment, asset allocation and risk management.

Public institutions and non-profit organisations

Security and sustainability

The fixed-income market has become a significant challenge for public institutions and not-for-profit organisations. Amid a low-interest environment, it is imperative to hedge volatility risks while preserving capital. Through a combination of active liquidity management and expert investment advice, we can help tax-exempt, unregulated investors meet this challenge.

We have been assisting foundations, associations, churches, municipal investors and municipal pension schemes for decades. They benefit from our global research insights, our comprehensive advisory services and our range of innovative investment solutions – each tailored to an individual client’s specific needs.

All of our global capabilities are united under one roof. This enables us to provide all the asset-management skills, risk-management expertise and capital-preservation strategies that public institutions and not-for-profit organisations are seeking in the current market environment.

In addition, as an acknowledged pioneer in the sphere of responsible investing, we can deliver expert guidance on environmental, social and governance issues. This aspect of our service is becoming increasingly valued as institutions place ever-greater emphasis on sustainability.

Financial institutions

The strength of partnership

Today’s financial institutions face an array of challenges. They are challenges that we understand and which we believe we are well placed to help clients in this space address.

We aim to act as a strategic partner for financial institutions. By working closely with them and taking a long-term view, we deliver a comprehensive advisory service that draws on our acknowledged expertise and experience.

Our services include access to a full range of innovative investment products. This is just one of the many benefits that our clients enjoy as a result of all of global capabilities being united under a single roof.

We also offer portfolio services for proprietary investment holdings (“depot A”) for banks and savings banks, including risk management, as well as active liquidity management for credit institutions’ treasury operations.

Investment Consultants

Creating value from collaboration

Whether considering corporate retirement provision, manager selection, asset allocation, risk management or reporting functions, investment consultants have a duty to create lasting value for their clients. This is a goal we share.

The investment consultants we collaborate with expect us to deliver the highest-quality services and products. With all of our global capabilities united under one roof and the expertise and experience of more than 900 research and investment professionals to draw upon, we believe we are well placed to meet and even exceed those expectations.

We provide access to a comprehensive range of innovative solutions across all asset classes. We also offer deep market insight and intelligence, as well as an array of research platform and database services.

In addition, we assist consultants with RfPs/RfIs, due diligence and fiduciary management solutions. A key objective throughout is to combine the benefits of a personal consulting approach with the power of a systematic process.

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1. As of March, 2024

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