2022 – strong enough for monetary detox?

The global economy should grow above potential in 2022, with inflation worries proving worse than inflation itself. Declining monetary support could unsettle markets, however.

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Proud to be part of the Lakers family

From now on, we’re partnering together for a successful future.

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Facts & Figures

DWS key facts including assets under management.

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Capital market outlook 2022

We expect the US and Eurozone economies to grow. Inflation, the great unknown, is more of a concern at the moment. The question therefore arises: What are the capital market prospects for the coming year?

CIO View - The Positioning of Central Banks

After the central banks have fought for their independence from politics for decades, they are now venturing far into political territory. But are they creating a conflict of goals?

Markets & Economy


Nov 22, 2021 ESG

Sustainability becomes part of investment advice | ESG - mandatory or optional?

Inquiring about sustainability preferences will become mandatory in investment advisory.
Nov 12, 2021 ESG

How much capital for the climate?

Ramping up capital expenditure to solve the climate crisis. It needs private and public money. And a lot more than is being spent now.
Oct 11, 2021 ESG

Oceans & Climate – Exploring the Nexus

The world's climate scientists and recent extreme weather have shown that even our current worst estimates of climate scenarios are proving too optimistic.
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Investment Capabilities


Active Investments

A large part of the assets entrusted to us is managed actively with the clear objective of creating added value.

Alternatives Investments

Managing alternative investments through multiple market cycles guides all decision-making.

Passive Investments

Trust Xtrackers – the No. 1 ETF experts from Europe. THINK ETF. THINK X.

"We are DWS”

"We are DWS", is a new series to highlight the many contributions and achievements of our colleagues inside and outside of DWS. As well as the work our employees do for the organisation to support colleagues and clients, they are also distinguished by what they achieve personally. How they get involved and give back to society and to our local communities, as well as the convictions they stand up for.

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Jun 16, 2021

We are DWS - Giuseppe Colombo

Head of Real Estate, Italy

We are DWS – Amanda Rebello

Head of Passive Sales, US Onshore, based in London.

We are DWS – Christopher Kimm

CEO and Head of Alternatives, Korea

We are DWS – Tina Lelli

ETF Capital Markets Specialist based in London

We are DWS – Danny Kiefer

Principal Auditor, Internal Audit for the Americas located in New York

We are DWS – Jessica Schröder

HR Business Advisor, based in Frankfurt

We are DWS – Tom Bouchard

Portfolio Manager for High Yield Strategies based in New York

News & Press

4 euros per share: DWS Top Dividende with new record distribution

DWS expects strong growth and declining inflationary pressure in 2022

DWS fund to acquire leading radiotherapy provider RON to create leading pan-European oncology platform

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