ESG Handbook

The importance of sustainable investing - comprehensive in one pdf

" We have been providing responsible investment strategies for more than 20 years. Now we want to make ESG the core of everything we do.

Dr Asoka Woehrmann Chief Executive Officer

ESG - The Handbook

ESG Investing is becoming an increasingly important topic in society: studies and surveys show that more and more investors will be interested in the topic in the future.

In addition, regulatory requirements such as the EU Action Plan make it highly relevant for us, all companies and our clients.

For this reason, we have developed a compendium that is intended to provide knowledge on the entire range of topics: ESG - The Handbook.

It examines regulatory intentions, social developments and explains topics such as the relevance of data and what ESG integration actually is.

The topics are underpinned at an appropriate point by insights into the DWS approach.

It also offers our clients, from investment advisors and asset managers to institutional and private investors, advice and recommendations on how to prepare for sustainable investing. This includes, for example, an overview of the most important questions on the way to your own ESG investment strategy.

The handbook is intended to provide our clients with comprehensive information on sustainable investing and to guide them on their way to a sustainable investment.

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