China Commercial Trust

RREEF China Commercial Trust (“RREEF CCT” or the “Trust”) is a real estate investment trust (“REIT”) listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”) on 22 June 2007 (“Listing Date”). The Trust is in the process of liquidation.

RREEF CCT is managed by RREEF China REIT Management Limited (the “Manager”), which is owned by RREEF Alternative Investments (“RREEF”), through Deutsche Asia Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd.[1]

The Manager has access to the experience and resources of RREEF in the Asia Pacific region, which is backed by a pool of professionals with a depth of investment, risk management, corporate governance and finance experience. Its operations are further supported by the robust infrastructure of the Deutsche Bank group, in functions including but not limited to management accounting, human resources, information technology and in-house legal counsel.

睿富中國商業房地產投資信托基金(「睿富房 地產基金」或「信託」)是一家於二零零七年六 月二十二日(「上市日期」)在香港聯合交易所 有限公司(「聯交所」)上市的房地產投資信託 基金. 信託正進行清盤程序.

睿富房地產基金由睿富中國房托基金管理有 限公司(「管理人」)管理,管理人為睿富另類 投資(「睿富」)透過Deutsche Asia Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd.[2] 擁有的全資附屬公司

管理人可借助睿富在亞太地區的經驗及資 源,當中有眾多具備投資、風險管理、企業 管治及金融經驗的專才。其營運也擁有德意 志銀行集團的強健基礎設施作為後盾,包括 且不限於管理會計、人力資源、資訊科技及 內部法律事宜等職能.

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1. An indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG.

2. Deutsche Bank AG間接全資擁有的附屬公司

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