Private Equity

DWS’s private equity business was established with a highly experienced, globally networked team with over 140 years of combined experience across direct buyouts, primaries, co-investments and complex secondaries.

Differentiated Approach

Acting as a long-term partner to mid-market GPs and portfolio companies

Globally networked team

140 years of combined private equity investing experience

Working with well-known sponsors

A highly flexible Limited Partner alongside PE sponsors

Our approach

What we do for Private Equity firms

A proven ability to invest alongside well-known sponsors – helping them continue to grow their franchises and portfolio companies.

What we do for investors

We see our global, institutional investor base as true partners in our business. We offer them co-blended funds, co-investments and bespoke opportunities combined with global access to differentiated and often unique situations.

Our team

Mark McDonald

- Managing Partner, Private Equity

Managing Partner, Private Equity

Daniel Green

Partner & Head of EMEA, Private Equity

Kumber Husain

Partner & Head of Americas, Private Equity

Latest insights

May 25, 2020 Global

A growing opportunity set

Covid-19 looks set to further accentuate secular private-equity trends towards add-on activity and sponsor-to-sponsor exits.
Jun 21, 2019 Private Equity

The best of both worlds?

The rapid growth of a secondary market in private equity has created new opportunities. It is not without risks, however.
Apr 29, 2019 Private Equity

Have your private equity cake and eat it

Up until now, investors in private equity had to choose between the superior alpha of direct buy-outs or a secondary market that offered more liquidity and less risk.

Latest Research

Private Equity

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Sustainable Investments

DWS's Sustainable Investments team creates solutions for institutional, private investors, development banks, and governments, who share common social and environmental investment objectives and seek attractive financial returns.

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