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19. Jul 2019

Greek gifts

Chart of the Week

Fixed Income, Government bonds
19. Jul 2019

U.S. Economic Outlook

By: Christian Scherrmann

Cutting rates for the right reason?

Central banks, Macro, Monetary policy
17. Jul 2019

CIO Commodity Commentary

By: Darwei Kung

Our monthly analysis and outlook on commodities

Alternatives, Commodities
17. Jul 2019

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12. Jul 2019

The American freight train slows down

Chart of the Week

Macro, Americas, Equities, Industry
05. Jul 2019

Making sense of the continuing trade conflict

Chart of the Week

Politics, Macro, Globalization
03. Jul 2019

Americas CIO View

By: David Bianco

Post G20: Existing tariffs stay in effect, lower S&P 500 EPS outlook

02. Jul 2019 Investment Traffic Lights

Investment Traffic Lights

June was dominated by surprisingly dovish central banks, which lifted some equity markets to new highs and pushed some bond yields to new lows. But the joy is not untroubled.

Equities, Central banks, Emerging markets, Macro, Allocation
01. Jul 2019 CIO Flash

G20: marginally positive, but uncertainty remains.

G20 ended with little progress. But postponed tariff hikes are not canceled ones.

28. Jun 2019 Alternatives

Gold rallies in time for memorable anniversary

Chart of the week

Alternatives, Commodities
27. Jun 2019 Multi Asset

Reduce risk, increase flexibility

We are less gloomy on the outlook than bond markets. In our view, equity markets have to correct before offering opportunities for entry.

Central banks, Multi Asset, Global
25. Jun 2019

U.S. Economic Outlook

By: Christian Scherrmann

No more patience?

Central banks, Macro
25. Jun 2019 Forecasts

Adjusting our 12-month targets

Central banks look set to cave in the face of bond-market pressure. We are adjusting our forecasts accordingly.

Alternatives, Equities, Fixed Income, Multi Asset
25. Jun 2019

Escalating trade woes

Punitive tariffs on Mexican imports are the latest sign of dangers ahead

Macro, Politics
25. Jun 2019 Politics

Europe's green wave

Green electoral gains at the European elections reflect broader changes in attitudes, especially towards climate change.

ESG, Politics, Global
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