Responsible Investment Office

Delivering ESG governance

The core role of the Responsible Investment Office is to frame ESG governance for DWS and to ensure transparency for all stakeholder groups regarding DWS’s ESG activities.

The Responsible Investment Office delivers ESG governance through a set of ESG principles and guidelines, such as its Responsible Investment Framework statement. These guidelines facilitate ESG integration into our investment processes and additionally secure ESG integration into new product approval and reputational risk processes. One example is our global policy concerning Controversial Conventional Weapons (CCW). Going forward we will be examining a number of other controversial sectors.

The transparency efforts comprise of our mandatory ESG reporting requirements, for example, DWS’s Sustainability Report as well as Deutsche Bank’s Non-Financial-Report and the PRI’s annual assessment. In addition, we supply information about our ESG activities to a variety of stakeholder groups. This is achieved through active participation in industry initiatives, market surveys, RfPs and our website. The Responsible Investment Office also coordinates regulatory projects which affect DWS’s investment activities (such as Disclosure Regulation or Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures) and participates in public policy engagements

Besides providing our internal governance structure and ensuring transparency, the Responsible Investment Office acts as coordinator for the multitude of projects and requests concerning ESG at DWS and that are directed towards the Responsible Investments’ team.



for all stakeholders

" ESG integration only works if transparent and consistent governance is implemented. What guides us, what we do and how we do it are important for our stakeholders and employees. This is why we aim to continuously improve our own internal governance and transparency.

Robin Braun Responsible Investment Officer

Develop Guidelines


Center of Competence for internal ESG governance

    • Provide global internal DWS ESG principles and guidelines
    • Support business implementation of ESG guidelines
    • Act as governance function within Reputational Risk processes and as sign off function within NPA processes
    • Responsible Investment Statement
Corporate Governance & Voting Policy

Provide Transparency


ESG transparency for clients, stakeholders and employees

  • Compile mandatory reporting (e.g. Corporate Responsibility Report, PRI Report)
  • Enhance ESG reporting and improve ESG transparency via webpages etc.
  • Provide transparency within public engagement with NGOs
Sustainability Report 2018
Deutsche Bank Non Financial Report 2018
Public Transparancy Report 2018
Assessment Report 2018

Centralise Coordination


Coordination of projects and requests related to ESG

  • Ensure strategic coordination with DB Group Sustainability
  • Coordinate memberships and enhance global PRI membership
  • Cooperate with Communication & Marketing for general DWS ESG content

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