Who we are

Our values

Integrity first

Openness, transparency and accountability must define every relationship, whether with investors, colleagues or society as a whole. In tandem, clients’ best interests should always take precedence. This is how lasting value is created and how wealth is protected and grown.

  • Acting in our clients’ best interest
  • Authenticity in our relationships with colleagues, investors and broader society


Demanding excellence

Expectations should be exceeded rather than merely met. And to achieve this, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Our fully integrated investment platform based on outstanding proprietary research, a unique decision-making process and a level of precision in keeping with the best traditions of German engineering are the core components for us to apply this principle.

  • Investment approach
  • Research
  • Precision


Entrepreneurial minds

Many investors have an entrepreneurial outlook. The people they trust to look after their investments should share that perspective. Innovation, adaptation, agility, efficiency and collective intelligence are hallmarks of success, especially amid the risks and opportunities of an ever-changing world.

  • Collective intelligence
  • Agility
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation and adaptation


Inspiring sustainability

Forward thinking demands a long-term view. And a sense of consciousness and responsibility for the society we are part of. The long heritage of integrating our Responsible Investing philosophy across all asset classes demonstrates our conviction to contribute to a sustainable future by incorporating environmental, social and governance considerations into investment decisions.

  • Long term view
  • Forward-thinking
  • Dedication to clients
  • Mindful of our global and societal impact


Who we are

Size and reach

With more than €752bn in assets under management and ~3,600 employees worldwide, we are a truly global asset manager. Our size and reach are fundamental to our capabilities and strength across the Active, Passive and Alternatives investment spaces.

    • € 752bn AuM[1]
    • € 515bn AuM in Active[1]
    • € 145bn AuM in Passive[1]]
    • € 93bn AuM in Alternatives[1]
    • ~3,600 employees with an average tenure of 10 years[1]

Strong market position

We have enjoyed decades of unrivalled market position in our home market. The effectiveness of our investment solutions and our global footprint have also placed us among the acknowledged market leaders elsewhere in Europe and around the world.

  • No. 1 Retail in our German home market[2]
  • No. 4 Institutional in our German home market[3]
  • No. 2 in Europe ETF/ETP[4]
  • No. 4 Infrastructure assets in Europe[5]

Longstanding heritage

Our roots lie in the launch of the German investment fund firm DWS in 1956. Since then we have developed our expertise across all asset classes to become one of the most recognised names in asset management.

  • Active DWS founded 1956 in Germany
  • 40+ years in Alternatives
  • 20+ years in Passive
  • Roots in the US dating back almost a century[6]
  • Asian footprint since 1987

Integrated worldwide platform

We offer a fully integrated global platform that has been carefully positioned for future growth. Having all of our capabilities under one roof enables us to be ambitious, innovative and unconstrained in our forward thinking for our clients.

  • Diverse investment capabilities
  • Full spectrum of traditional and alternative capabilities to serve clients worldwide – from large institutions to governments, corporations, foundations and millions of individual investors.

Global market view with a European perspective

Our Chief Investment Office supplies the overarching framework that guides our investment decisions. The way our CIO View is synthesized across specialists and regions reflects both our global presence and our European heritage.

  • More than 850+ economists, analysts and investment professionals
  • Proprietary quality based research
  • Expertise synthesized into one consistent global CIO View

Responsible Investing

We are a fiduciary partner to our clients and conscious of our societal impact. Responsible Investing has long been a key part of our heritage, because it serves the best interests of those who entrust us to manage their assets.

  • Proud pioneer in responsible investing
  • Early PRI Signatory since 2008
  • Dedicated ESG research
  • Committed to shape the ESG investment landscape

Strong diversity

As a global asset manager, we are proud to have a truly global team. Our employees are drawn from dozens of countries around the world, giving us a powerful combination of local insight and international interconnectedness to benefit our performance and our clients.

  • Colleagues across 60 nationalities[7]
  • Speaking more than 75 languages
  • Locally rooted and globally connected across 22 countries[8]
  • 38% female colleagues[8]

Digital first

As forward thinkers, we not only embrace the future but work to shape it. We always look to identify trends early so that we can keep ourselves and our clients at the cutting edge of technological and financial innovation.

  • Early adopter of digital solutions in our home market
  • Embracing technology to advance the way we invest
  • Improving the client experience through digital tools and skills

Corporate Social Responsibility

We want communities and economies to prosper. Around the world, we apply our global corporate social responsibility strategy to the most relevant local concerns. We work together with like-minded partners towards this goal. Our people play their part too.

Each summer DWS offers a summer internship program for talented high school graduates. Now in its tenth year, explore how our “I Have a Dream” program is an extension of our commitment to diversity, inclusion and education. Learn more >

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3. BVI analysis, as of Aug-17

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5. IPE Real Assets, data as of Dec, 2017

6. Through the Scudder business, established in 2019 and acquired by Deutsche Bank / Deutsche Asset Management in 2002

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CIO View

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