DWS Invest Global Emerging Markets Equities honored with Scope Investment Award

Due to the proximity to Asian companies, portfolio manager Sean Taylor has achieved an "excellent track record," said Said Yakhloufi, head of the mutual fund team at Scope.

"My team and I are really proud of this award,” said Taylor. “It is the result of our active management approach, where we thoroughly examine each individual stock in our investment universe for the qualification in our portfolio.”   In addition, DWS made it into the top five in the following categories:

• Best Asset Manager Emerging Markets Equities: DWS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
• Best Funds Equities Germany: DWS Aktien Strategie Deutschland, DWS Invest German Equities (Germany)
• Best Funds Bonds Euro Corp. High Yield: DWS Invest Euro High Yield Corporates (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
• Best Funds Bonds Euro Corp. Inv. Grade: DWS Invest Euro Corporate Bonds (Austria, Switzerland)

The Scope Investment Awards are among the most distinguished awards presented to asset managers in German-speaking countries. The best equity, bond and mixed funds are nominated and awarded in 13 categories and the category "Fund Innovations" as well as asset managers in 13 categories.

The Scope awards have been presented since 2017. They continue the Feri EuroRating Awards after the acquisition of Feri EuroRating by Scope in 2016. The methodology of the award is a combination of quantitative and qualitative criteria. Based on ratios for performance and risk, the five best funds in each category are nominated first. The winner is determined by an evaluation of the quality of the portfolio management and the investment process.

For further information please contact:

Sabina Díaz Duque
Phone: +49 (69) 910 14177
E-Mail: sabina.diaz-duque@dws.com

Mirjam Eckert
Phone: +49 (69) 910 43248
E-Mail: Mirjam.eckert@dws.com


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