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17. Jan 2020 Currencies

The ECB, the Fed, rates, yields and currencies

Chart of the week

Central banks, Government Bonds, Currencies
17. Jan 2020 Equities

Americas CIO View

Von : David Bianco

Beware a value rotation trap

13. Jan 2020 Equities

Happy New Year on the stock markets in 2020?

2019 was a great year for stock markets, but what will 2020 bring? There’s a good chance that the upwards trend will continue, although it might not be as strong as last year.

Equities, Macro, Central banks
10. Jan 2020

Subprime risks return

Chart of the week

07. Jan 2020 Sustainability

Good corporate governance pays off

Corporate governance seems to be the linchpin in sustainable investment. Experience shows that well-managed companies have significantly fewer environmental and social problems.

Equities, ESG
06. Jan 2020 Macro

Investment Traffic Lights

There were clear factors behind the year-end rally which in 2019 brought one of the best returns since 1990. However, the risk of short-term setbacks has therefore become greater.

Fixed Income, Equities, Alternatives, Multi Asset
03. Jan 2020 Equities

Stocks in 2019: what a difference one year makes

Chart of the week

23. Dez 2019 Equities

Americas CIO View

Von : David Bianco

2020 outlook: a difficult year to value

20. Dez 2019 Alternatives

CIO Commodity Commentary

Von : Darwei Kung

How long will OPEC+ keep oil up?

Alternatives, Commodities
20. Dez 2019 Politics

The United States: a divided nation

Chart of the week

19. Dez 2019 Macro

U.S. Economic Outlook

Von : Christian Scherrmann

Ending 2019 on a strong footing?

18. Dez 2019 CIO View Quarterly

CIO View complete

Receive the full comprehensive CIO View in one document

ESG, Equities, Fixed Income, Macro, Multi Asset
17. Dez 2019 Alternatives

The modern apartment renter

Von : Mark G. Roberts

Understanding and appealing to the modern apartment renter in the U.S.

Real Estate, Infrastructure, Alternatives
16. Dez 2019 Equities


Von : Andre Koettner, Dr. Thomas Schuessler

Increasingly, "fear of missing out" has joined "there is no alternative" as a key argument for equities.

Politics, Equities
13. Dez 2019 Politics

Over to you, Brussels

Against the odds, Boris Johnson has won a landslide victory. The chances of "getting Brexit done" reasonably quickly and smoothly have never been better

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