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May 24, 2024 Europe

High long-term significance of European elections

Election outcome expected to reflect broader trends and changes

Europe, Elections
May 21, 2024 CIO Special

U.S. money market funds - a safe haven?

By: Björn Jesch

U.S. money market funds (MMFs) have experienced massive inflows since the end of 2022. At just above USD 6 trillion, they currently stand at an all-time high

Macro, Equities
May 17, 2024 Europe

Protest votes, the European way

Elections to the European Parliament are getting close. A quick overview on how they work and why it matters, even if the immediate market impact is likely to be limited.

Europe, Elections
May 14, 2024 Americas

Americas CIO View

By: David Bianco

Surging AI capex: Macro implications of its size and return on investment?

Americas, Equities
May 10, 2024 Europe

German public investments too low

Debt brake is increasingly being called into question

Europe, Macro
May 08, 2024 Macro

U.S. Economic Outlook

By: Christian Scherrmann

Why the Fed will cut rates – sooner or maybe later.

May 08, 2024 DWS Research Institute

Liability-aware Strategic Asset Allocation

By: Matthias Schuckardt, Marco Kleweken, Artur Stoll, Jason Chen

A simplified approach applied to a sample balance sheet of an average European Life-Insurer

May 06, 2024 Macro

Investment Traffic Lights

By: Björn Jesch

Our monthly market analysis and positioning

Macro, Multi Asset, Alternatives, Equities, Fixed Income
May 03, 2024 Inflation

Comparing apples and oranges

A look at underlying inflation components shows a mixed picture. The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) is right to be patient.

Central banks, Inflation
May 02, 2024 DWS Research Institute

Yes, Virginia, there are Active ETFs…

By: Robert Bush

So, is it fair to say that ETFs are typically thought of as passive for good reason?

Apr 30, 2024 DWS Research Institute

Convexity and prepayment risk

By: Jason Chen, James Kole

How the price and yield relationship is impacted for issuer callable bonds

Apr 29, 2024 CIO Special

Rising ESG bond volumes offer opportunities

By: Björn Jesch

Sustainable bonds have become an integral part of the global investment universe. In addition to the chance to diversify they might also offer investors the opportunity to outperform.

ESG, Bonds, Fixed Income
Apr 26, 2024 Central banks

How far ahead of the Fed will the ECB be?

Lower inflation gives Europe’s monetary authorities room to cut

Central banks, Macro
Apr 23, 2024 ESG

Why companies are waking up to nature’s value

By: Michael Lewis, Steffen Kutscher, Otar Sarishvili, Dr. Yannik Bofinger, Annekathrin Mueller-Lohmann

Whitepaper #2: How nature affects the bottom line

Apr 19, 2024 Europe

Energy efficiency policies & investments

By: Siena Golan, Murray Birt

European developments create cross-asset class investment opportunities

Sustainability, Europe, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Alternatives, ESG
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