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13. Aug 2019

CIO Commodity Commentary

Our monthly analysis and outlook on commodities

16. Aug 2019 Commodities

How central banks influence the gold price

Chart of the week

12. Aug 2019

An Italian game changer?

The apparent collapse of the populist coalition government in Rome could have far-ranging repercussions for the Eurozone.

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CIO View Quarterly

17. Jul 2019

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27. Jun 2019 Multi Asset

Reduce risk, increase flexibility

We are less gloomy on the outlook than bond markets. In our view, equity markets have to correct before offering opportunities for entry.

25. Jun 2019 Politics

Europe's green wave

Green electoral gains at the European elections reflect broader changes in attitudes, especially towards climate change.

Asset Classes

08. Aug 2019

Americas CIO View

Maximum pressure equals maximum risk

23. Jul 2019

Americas CIO View

How to position for high profit-recession risk, but low recession risk?

03. Jul 2019

Americas CIO View

Post G20: Existing tariffs stay in effect, lower S&P 500 EPS outlook

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How we see the markets

Investment Traffic Lights

July has been another good month for many, though by no means all risky assets. We remain cautious and see scope for short-term disappointments.

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Our forecasts

All forecasts at a glance

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07. Dez 2018 Chart of the week

Stocks and bonds at odds over the economy

Chart of the week

12. Okt 2018

Essential infrastructure

Why the investment appeal of infrastructure continues to grow.

25. Jun 2019 Forecasts

Adjusting our 12-month targets

Central banks look set to cave in the face of bond-market pressure. We are adjusting our forecasts accordingly.

04. Jun 2019

Investment Traffic Lights

Our monthly market analysis and positioning

26. Apr 2019 Government Bonds

The point of no returns

Chart of the week

Our Experts

Our Thought Leadership combines research, investment strategies and product solutions of our CIO office with independent expertise and our open-architecture-approach.

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