Small stocks, big opportunitiesNew

Small caps are often relegated to the margins. Unjustly. For they can often more than hold their own with larger caps.

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07. Jun 2019 Equities

How to create an "artificially intelligent" portfolio

Artificial intelligence is expected to improve many companies’ productivity. Investors can buy into this topical theme through equities and funds.

04. Jun 2019 Equities

US–China trade war: what investors need to know

There’s no end in sight in the US-China trade war. Uncertainty about the dispute’s outcome is depressing markets.

03. Jun 2019 Equities

German small and mid-cap – opportunities beyond the mainstream

Investors often neglect smaller companies, although they outperform standard shares in the long term.

28. Mai 2019 Bonds

Asian bonds – returns that are out of this world

In many industrialised countries, returns on bonds have fallen to a level that barely covers inflation. If you are looking for higher returns, Asia could be the answer.

21. Mai 2019 Equities

German equities can help exploit global market opportunities

For German exporters, globalisation has opened the door to a huge market. In right mix, Dax and MDax shares provide investors with attractive opportunities.

17. Mai 2019 Equities

Sell in May? Or is it better to sit tight?

What lies behind the trading proverb "Sell in May and go away?" And is it really wise to clear out the accounts in May?

16. Mai 2019 Multi Asset

What commodities such as oil and gold can offer investors

The bonds and equities markets are likely to remain turbulent for some time. Investors should therefore rely on a well-mixed portfolio, adding in a few selected commodities.

15. Mai 2019 Equities

Emerging markets - a recovery in sight?

After a difficult 2018, Asian emerging markets in particular appear to be back on the growth path.

10. Mai 2019 Equities

Why German equities enhance any portfolio

German companies – old-fashioned and inflexible with no competitive edge? By no means. Here’s what distinguishes the companies and makes them attractive to investors.

09. Mai 2019 Equities

SDG: Mission Possible

The UN wants to save the planet with its 17 sustainability goals and has set a deadline of 2030 to achieve it. But its mission critical is only possible if investors begin following the SDG guidelines.

09. Mai 2019 Sustainability

Five reasons to get excited about Impact Investing

Growing numbers of investors want to participate in driving change and making a positive contribution to a shared, sustainable future. This strategy is called Impact Investing and it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

02. Mai 2019 Equities

Five things investors should know about dividends

Dividend stocks can be a key driver of long-term investment success. Investors should consider various factors when making their selection.

25. Apr 2019

European real estate outlook still positive despite increasing risk

Despite an economic slowdown, the European real estate market should remain attractive to investors.

16. Apr 2019 Multi Asset

Why market timing doesn’t really matter

The best time to buy stocks is a permanent big issue for many investors. It shouldn’t be, an analysis by the DWS Research Institute shows.

15. Apr 2019 Equities

Dividends – bread and butter income from equities

Equity investors benefit from price gains and dividends. But prices can, of course, go down as well as up. Dividends offer steadier participation in entrepreneurial success.

11. Apr 2019 Multi Asset

Returns under pressure - ways out for investors

Declining returns and rising risks – that`s what DWS Research Institute experts expect over the next ten years. How investors can adjust.

09. Apr 2019 Equities

If not now, then when?

The earth is threatened but it has a future, says the United Nations. To secure that future, the UN has formulated 17 goals with an overarching goal of making the world more sustainable.

20. Mrz 2019 Equities

Let others do it for you

If you want to invest money sustainably, you have to scrutinize every security - all of which requires time, effort and expertise. Actively managed ESG funds can be a practical solution for private investors.

20. Mrz 2019 Equities

Stock-market impetus from the Fed

The possibility of a Federal Reserve U-turn on monetary policy helped the US stock market post a strong start to the year.

13. Mrz 2019 Equities

Sustainable investments in the black

Some investors are still concerned that sustainability slows companies down, but their fears may be unfounded: many sustainable companies are extremely successful precisely because of their responsible approach to business.

06. Mrz 2019 Sustainability

Sustainable investment funds: clear conscience and returns

Increasing numbers of investors are backing ESG funds which select investments according to ethical and ecological criteria.

28. Feb 2019 Bonds

ECB gripped by fresh fears

An insipid growth and inflation outlook will thwart an interest--rate turnaround this year.

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