Hedge Funds

Our hedge fund strategy pursues an efficient, absolute return approach across business cycles, with the aim of generating attractive returns

Dynamic investment process

Allows the team to manage portfolios in a tactical Framework

Experienced research team

Hedge fund team has more than 15 years of average experience

Strong structuring capabilities

Wide range of formats such as direct investments, managed accounts, regulated funds including AIFMD compliance

What makes investing in hedge funds attractive?

Hedge fund managers have many investment options. They can invest in niche markets or pursue special strategies. As a result, hedge fund investments are less correlated with other asset classes such as equities or bonds, and can help diversify a portfolio.

Our Hedge Funds platform is responsible for advising and managing multi-manager and secondary market hedge fund portfolios for both institutional and individual investors around the world, providing alternative products and solutions. The goal is to deliver both highly liquid and illiquid, uncorrelated returns by using capital efficiently while providing transparent risk reporting.

We manage approx. 0.5  billion USD* in Hedge Funds. Our offering includes investment opportunities in primary fund of funds, secondary opportunities and direct co-investment.

Investment approach of the DWS hedge fund strategies

The portfolio construction is top-down and bottom-up. In our strategic considerations, we take into account both the assessments from the global CIO Office  and the outlook for various hedge fund sub-strategies. Each  strategy is reviewed every quarter by the hedge fund strategy committee. Both top-down and bottom-up approaches are discussed. And every month the hedge fund advisory committee meets to review and monitor the composition of the portfolio.

Strengths of the DWS hedge fund strategies

Overview of the DWS hedge fund strategies

Liquid Hedge Funds strategies

Stay liquid while investing in Hedgefunds: 

  • Allocating to strategies not not available from traditional asset managers
  • Positioning guided by strategy views
  • Allocation driven by bottom-up manager selection

Illiquid Hedge Funds Strategies

Non-traditional returns independent from markets:

  • Capturing non-traditional / low market beta yield through niche illiquid hedge fund strategies
  • Return streams independent from markets
  • Extensive due diligence to avoid illiquidity risk

Traditional Hedge Funds strategies

Opportunities of a broad hedge fund universe including services:

  • Access to the broad hedge fund universe through the lenses of a seasoned team of hedge fund specialists
  • Bandwidth to manage on behalf of the clients any operational related aspect of hedge fund investing

Sustainable Investments

DWS's Sustainable Investments team creates solutions for institutional, private investors, development banks, and governments, who share common social and environmental investment objectives and seek attractive financial returns.


Liquid Real Assets

Liquid Real Assets enable liquid investment in real assets such as real estate, infrastructure or even commodities.



Real Estate

Diversify returns with relatively low correlation to traditional investments


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