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09. Okt 2019 ESG

Responsible investing - The world tour

By: Robert Bush, Michael Lewis

How the U.S. is playing a leading role, why ESG is particularly relevant for Emerging Markets, and Europe’s ambitions to be a global rule setter

24. Jul 2019 ESG

German Corporates & Sustainability

By: Michael Lewis, Murray Birt

German corporates are faced with significant risks and opportunities when it comes to sustainability and specifically climate change.

29. Apr 2019 Private Equity

Have your private equity cake and eat it

By: Mark McDonald

Up until now, investors in private equity had to choose between the superior alpha of direct buy-outs or a secondary market that offered more liquidity and less risk.

Private Equity
26. Apr 2019 ESG

The strategic benefits of microfinance funds

By: Murray Birt

Creating returns while contributing to economic growth and the Sustainable Development Goals by reducing poverty and supporting female entrepreneurs, plus the potential to help improve resilience to physical climate impacts

Macro, Politics, Sustainability
31. Jan 2019 Multi Asset

Multi-Asset Longview

By: Christian Hille

A new DWS study examines the most important asset classes’ long-term return expectations. The "Multi-Asset Long View" offers long-term investors valuable insights for their portfolio composition.

Allocation, Renten, Equities, Multi Asset
28. Jan 2019 ESG

Ambitions of the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan

By: Michael Lewis, Murray Birt

The Why, The What and The How

28. Nov 2018 ESG

Green bonds explained

By: Murray Birt, Michael Lewis

Green bonds are an important part of a portfolio that is aligned with the low-carbon transition.

Renten, Politics
23. Nov 2018 ESG

Experts on climate change

By: Murray Birt

Everything you need to know about climate change from a scientific, legal, actuarial, accounting, investment consultant, and portfolio management perspective.

07. Nov 2018 ESG

Greening the financial system and the role of central banks

By: Michael Lewis, Murray Birt

Central banks are increasing their efforts to promote the transition to a more sustainable financial system

Monetary policy, Politics
18. Okt 2018 Equities

Don’t be fooled by low volatility

By: Christian Hille, Peter Warken, Stuart Kirk

Just because realised volatility is low in many developed equity markets doesn’t mean things are calm below the surface. Extreme moves at the edges of the distribution of returns compared with the middle reached a record high this year.

Multi Asset
05. Okt 2018 ESG

The quant road to ESG integration

By: Dr. Irina Sidorovitch, Tanja Schubring, Dr. Julian McKenzie-Smith

Applying a quantitative approach to ESG integration offers big benefits to clients.

Multi Asset, Allocation, Equities, Sustainability
05. Sep 2018 DWS Research Institute

Dynamic factor investing

By: Ferdinand Haas, Stuart Kirk

There has never been a better time to look at factors. Not only have single and multi-factor approaches been refined, but dynamic strategies offer a powerful new way to invest.

05. Sep 2018 ESG

Brace for impact

By: Andrew Pidden

Sustainable and impact investing is the best way to generate returns while addressing the world's most critical problems.

03. Jul 2018 ESG

Transparency vital as climate change takes hold

By: Stuart Kirk

With commitment and transparency, investors and issuers could better address the physical impact of extreme weather events.

01. Mai 2018 ESG

Leaders Low Carbon

By: Michael Lewis, Murray Birt

Responsible investing that reduces your carbon footprint.

01. Apr 2018 DWS Research Institute


By: Adam Iley, Stuart Kirk, Roland Guenther

What distributed ledgers mean for asset management

01. Apr 2018 ESG

Integrating SDGs

By: Michael Lewis, Murray Birt, Carsten Keil

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide an important framework for governments, companies and investors

01. Mrz 2018 DWS Research Institute

Active-passive debate

By: Stuart Kirk

Why passive isn't red and active isn't dead

01. Mrz 2018 DWS Research Institute

The bond yield myth

By: Stuart Kirk

Bond and dividend yields are not correlated

01. Mrz 2018 DWS Research Institute


By: Anthony Lupa, Stuart Kirk

This ugly word can solve the savings crisis

Retirement Solutions
01. Feb 2018 DWS Research Institute

Time to get a GRIP

By: Christian Hille, Peter Warken

A new, state-of-the-art portfolio construction methodology

01. Feb 2018 ESG

Slaying ESG dragons

By: Stuart Kirk

Put inconsistency, hypocrisy and unintended consequences to rest

01. Feb 2018 Equities

Say hi to CDI

By: Karl Tuck

The what ans why of cashflow-driven investing

01. Feb 2018 DWS Research Institute

Private Banking

By: Sven Württemberger, Hans-Joerg Morath

Paying for investment advice - a private banking revulution

01. Nov 2017 ESG

Measuring physical climate risk

By: Michael Lewis, Murray Birt

Assessing and reducing equity portfolio risk from the growing frequency and intensity of natural disasters


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