Permanent green traffic lights for sustainable propertiesNew

The future of real estate is sustainable, as also reflected in the design work of the architect Vincent Callebaut. Investors already stand to benefit from this trend today.

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17. Sep 2019 Real Estate

Permanent green traffic lights for sustainable properties

The future of real estate is sustainable, as also reflected in the design work of the architect Vincent Callebaut. Investors already stand to benefit from this trend today.

Retirement Solutions, Sustainability, ESG
09. Sep 2019 Sustainability

Investors increasingly march to the sustainability beat

An increasing number of investors are following their convictions and allocating to sustainable financial products with high environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings. A DWS survey of almost 1000 people reveals the shift to ESG products.

02. Sep 2019 Sustainability

Plastic furniture is back

Numerous companies are pursuing clever ideas to solve the global trash problem by recycling plastic waste into furniture. Investors can also profit from these new initiatives.

Equities, ESG, Sustainability
02. Sep 2019 Real Estate

Global real estate in a single fund

Christian Baecker manages the open-ended real estate fund "grundbesitz global", which is currently invested in 16 countries. His motto is that to be successful, you sometimes need to swim against the tide.

Real Estate, Equities
27. Aug 2019 Equities

The longer you live, the more money you’ll need!

Live 1,000 years? That’s certainly possible, scientists say. But what does that mean? Among other things, that your savings have to last a lot longer.

Equities, Retirement Solutions
21. Aug 2019 Multi Asset

“Mastering the curves while staying on course”

Investing with a cool, steady hand. That’s the approach of DWS fund manager Klaus Kaldemorgen. A discussion about risks, opportunities ‒ and motorcycling.

Equities, Multi Asset, Retirement Solutions
20. Aug 2019 Equities

Is a falling stock like a falling knife?

What’s the truth in the saying: "never catch a falling knife"? A reality check.

15. Aug 2019 Equities

5G – high-speed radio waves that can make your portfolio fly

The new 5G mobile connectivity standard will provide car drivers, doctors, homeowners and even cities with high-speed data transfer rates. The mobile network of the future has huge potential and should also interest investors.

13. Aug 2019 Retirement Solutions

Developing a successful savings plan is a left-brain activity

Why are Germans so loyal to their low-interest investments?

Equities, Retirement Solutions
13. Aug 2019 Sustainability

MSCI investigates: What are the real advantages of sustainable investing?

Everyone knows that sustainability benefits the environment. But does it also provide financial benefits? Current studies indicate yes.

Equities, ESG, Sustainability
07. Aug 2019

Houses made of paper, building in fast motion – how much do you know?

How much do you know about real estate? Take the DWS quiz!

Real Estate, Infrastructure
06. Aug 2019

Bonds – five mistakes fixed-income investors should avoid

Interest rates are low, but bonds still belong in a balanced portfolio. Investors should be aware of certain issues.

05. Aug 2019 Multi Asset

Together we are strong

What is the most important thing to consider when investing?

Multi Asset, Equities, Currencies, Renten
22. Jul 2019 Equities

Investing in the trends of tomorrow

Making private transport sustainable is a great challenge. Thousands of companies worldwide are working on alternative drive systems, reduced congestion and greater road safety. This also creates interesting investment opportunities.

19. Jul 2019 Equities

The impact of politics on markets is usually short-lived

“The impact of politics on markets is short-lived.” This piece of market wisdom is generally correct and for investors with strong nerves creates attractive entry points.

Equities, Politics
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