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Oct 15, 2021

Bringing natural capital in from the cold

Why a credible global climate policy must have carbon-emission reduction and higher carbon prices but also land and sea protection and restoration at its heart.
Oct 14, 2021

ECB: Climate protection to be given a BIG boost

A green presidency for Christine Lagarde
Oct 14, 2021

Americas CIO View

Will price hikes be the next S&P EPS leap?: Beware nitrous engine damage
Oct 08, 2021

Don't just blame CO2 for higher power prices

While some blame the European carbon-price mechanism for surging power prices, the answer is much more straightforward: cyclical fluctuations of natural-gas prices.
Oct 06, 2021

Americas CIO View

Fiscal fight intensifies and the Fed says it plans to stop buying U.S. debt
Oct 06, 2021 Macro

Investment Traffic Lights

Some markets have been correcting since September, as inflation could turn out higher and growth lower than hoped. But even then, the markets may have some scope to advance.
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DWS Research Institute

Oct 11, 2021 ESG

Oceans & Climate – Exploring the Nexus

The world's climate scientists and recent extreme weather have shown that even our current worst estimates of climate scenarios are proving too optimistic.
Aug 24, 2021

DWS Long View | The impact of rates on returns

Aug 04, 2021

The impact of rising rates and inflation on equities

Higher rates driven by higher growth expectations should be broadly positive for equity markets (especially at the cyclical end).
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Investment Topics

Apr 15, 2021

"Is sustainable investing a hype? Definitely not."

Sustainable investing is a huge trend – and it's here to stay, says Dr. Robin Braun, sustainability expert at DWS. In this interview he explains how responsible investing can work, what it might bring for investors and how sustainability and building value fit together.
Jan 13, 2021

Multi-asset funds - the right mix for many market phases

With broad diversification across different asset classes, multi-asset funds can turn out to be yielding portfolio building blocks -- even in difficult market phases.
Dec 06, 2020

Climate change: turning it into an investment opportunity

Climate change poses many risks - but for companies and investors working to counter it, it could also offer a number of opportunities.

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