Angela Meurer

Employee representative


Year of birth: 1962
Nationality: German

Place of residence: Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Year of first appointment to the Supervisory Board: 2018
End of current appointment to the Supervisory Board: 2027


Apprenticeship as banker with Deutsche Bank Wuppertal

Professional career

Angela Meurer started her career at DB Private Banking in 1984 working as an HR consultant. She joined DWS in 1993 as an HR consultant. In 1997, she was promoted to a Vice President and Deputy Head of HR.

After the birth of her daughter and recovering from paraplegia following a traffic accident, Ms Meurer returned to HR in 2002 and has been on the DWS Representative Council of Employees with Disabilities since 2006. Since 2007 she serves as the Chairwoman of the Representative Council of Employees with Disabilities for the Deutsche Bank Group (since 2012 with a full exemption). Furthermore, she is engaged in other organizations e.g. as Chairwoman of IBW, an industrial community of interest for disabled employees of the DAX companies and has constant contact with the Disability Commissioners of the Federal Government. Since 2018 Ms Meurer has been a member of the Workers’ Council of DWS Investment Group.

Principal occupation

Representative of the body for disabled employees

Other supervisory board positions and directorships outside DWS Group


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