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01-Dec-23 Europe

Europe's small stocks deserve a bigger role in our view

For two years Europe's small caps have been lagging blue chips, despite good earnings and very low valuations. This might change in 2024.

Europe, Equities
24-Nov-23 Americas

Debtor’s prism

Some U.S. households are clearly getting squeezed by higher interest rates. How much of a macroeconomic impact this will have is surprisingly tricky, however.

17-Nov-23 Americas

Unloved U.S. banks

Compared to the overall market, the U.S. bank sector is bobbling around near its record lows. Rightly so, we say, because banks don’t offer much to please shareholders.

10-Nov-23 ESG

Carbon allowances correlations with European equities

Carbon allowances are emerging as a fascinating new asset class. As Europe’s carbon market matures, it is starting to display distinct equity market correlations.

03-Nov-23 ESG

Unintended peak oil

The oil and gas sector has been strongly outperforming the alternative energy sector. There are many reasons for that. Higher interest expenditure is one of them.

27-Oct-23 Commodities

Gold at a time of tragedy

Amidst rising tensions in the Middle East, gold seems to be living up to its reputation as a safe haven. Ironically, softer inflation data might also prove supportive

20-Oct-23 Equities

A Korean sneak preview

Can global central banks really engineer a smooth end after a turbulent pandemic ride? South Korea’s property markets may offer some fascinating glimpses at the future.

13-Oct-23 Equities

Reasons to look at Japanese stocks

Japan's economy is up and running, companies are making money and increasingly thinking about shareholders, and now the recent slide in share prices may offer a better entry point.

Equities, Asia & Pacific
06-Oct-23 Americas

A House without a Speaker

Chaos on Capitol Hill is likely to have surprisingly benign consequences for the dollar.

29-Sep-23 Americas

Equities are even more expensive than bonds

Compared to bonds, U.S. equities are as overvalued as they were in 2003 and 2009. Back then, both asset classes were cheap. Hard to argue that this is the case again today.

Fixed Income
22-Sep-23 Inflation

Are inflation expectations getting out of hand?

German inflation expectations now exceed those seen in the U.S. We explain why this seemingly alarming finding is fairly meaningless for European monetary policies.

15-Sep-23 Americas

Decarbonizing Corporate America

Decarbonizing Corporate America will be discussed on the New York Climate Week. Adopting science-based emission reduction targets might help.

08-Sep-23 Americas

Still waiting for U.S. labor market to turn

Last week's figures for the American job market covering non-farm payrolls were not a disaster, but they clearly point to a slowdown.

01-Sep-23 Macro

Europe’s depleted Covid savings

The extraordinary savings of the Covid period are depleted now, except among the wealthy – who aren’t quick to spend. So, the economy gets no savings boost this year.

Macro, Eurozone
25-Aug-23 Asia & Pacific

The gap between China's growth and profits

Officially published economic figures are regularly criticized, especially when it comes to China. Taking a look at corporate profits shows why.

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