13-Nov-20 Sustainability

Water - investing in "blue gold"

H2O is now a global business. More and more companies are active in the water sector, which is awash with defensive characteristics and offers the chance of stable returns.

  • Climate change and population growth mean water is an increasingly valuable resource and economically lucrative.
  • Water equities and funds are viewed as defensive investments with the chance of stable long-term returns.
  • The water industry is subdivided into utilities and treatment plants, along with a broad spectrum of technology companies and service providers in the field of water management.
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Two thirds of the earth is covered in water - but only 2.5 percent of this is fresh water potable for us humans.

The importance of investments in the water sector is likely to increase in parallel with global demand for water.

The global water market turns over 600 billion dollars per year - a third of which is attributable to utilities.

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