Mutual fund attribution reports

Mutual fund attribution reports are now available upon request for all existing and prospective clients for the following funds:


  • DWS California Tax-Free Income Fund
  • DWS Capital Growth Fund
  • DWS Communications Fund
  • DWS Core Equity Fund
  • DWS CROCI® International Fund
  • DWS CROCI® Equity Dividend Fund
  • DWS Emerging Markets Equity Fund
  • DWS ESG Core Equity Fund
  • DWS ESG International Core Equity Fund
  • DWS Global Macro Fund
  • DWS Global Small Cap Fund
  • DWS Health and Wellness Fund Fund
  • DWS Intermediate Tax-Free Fund
  • DWS International Growth Fund
  • DWS Large Cap Focus Growth Fund
  • DWS Latin America Equity Fund
  • DWS Managed Municipal Bond Fund
  • DWS Massachusetts Tax-Free Fund
  • DWS New York Tax-Free Income Fund
  • DWS RREEF Global Infrastructure Fund
  • DWS RREEF Global Real Estate Securities Fund
  • DWS RREEF Real Estate Securities Fund
  • DWS Science and Technology Fund
  • DWS Short-Term Municipal Bond Fund
  • DWS Small Cap Core Fund
  • DWS Small Cap Growth Fund
  • DWS Strategic High Yield Tax Free Fund

Institutional clients please direct requests for mutual fund attribution reports to your designated Account Manager.

Individual clients please direct requests for mutual fund attribution reports to our Investor Resource Center via email at


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