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Oct 11, 2019 Europe

How much worse can things get in Germany?

Chart of the week

Macro, Europe
Oct 08, 2019 Monetary policy

Lessons from the U.S. repo-market turmoil

By: Johannes Müller

The abrupt repo-rate increase shouldn't have come as a surprise to the Fed. While short-term factors played a role, long-term bugs need to be addressed.

Central banks, Government bonds, Monetary policy, Americas
Oct 04, 2019

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Oct 04, 2019 Europe

Vive la divergence!

Chart of the week

Macro, Equities
Oct 02, 2019 Equities

Americas CIO View

By: David Bianco

Equity rally retreats as slowing growth and threats to profits intensify. Neither the United States nor China, or Trump or Xi, need a trade deal economically or politically.

Oct 02, 2019 Macro

Investment Traffic Lights

After a few tumultuous months, September proved relatively calm. Time to tweak some of our strategies.

Fixed Income, Währungen, Equities, Multi Asset, Precious metals, Raw materials
Sep 30, 2019 Central banks

Ready for sideways trading

By: Christian Hille

Central banks have pushed valuations up, leaving little upside potential. We stick to equities and hedge portfolios.

Global, Macro, Multi Asset, Central banks
Sep 27, 2019 Asia & Pacific

China turns 70: no time to rest for the silver ager

Chart of the week

Emerging Markets, Macro, Asia & Pacific
Sep 26, 2019 Alternatives

CIO Commodity Commentary

By: Darwei Kung

Our monthly analysis and outlook on commodities

Alternatives, Commodities
Sep 25, 2019 ESG

Climate-transition risk and asset allocation

By: Petra Pflaum

A methodology that focuses on climate-transition risk may help to identify investment implications of moving toward a low-carbon economy.

Global, Energy, Industrials, Utilities, Transportation
Sep 24, 2019 Macro

Japan: tax hike unlikely to harm economy

By: Johannes Müller

After a long struggle, Japan is raising its consumption tax on October 1. Although this will weigh on the economy, we do not believe that it should cause a drastic slump as in 2014.

Politics, Asia & Pacific, Macro
Sep 23, 2019 Macro

Private infrastructure and business cycles

By: Hamish Mackenzie

Private infrastructure is a defensive asset class, but it tends to react to macroeconomic changes in multifaceted ways.

Macro, Dividend, Inflation, Alternatives, Infrastruktur
Sep 20, 2019 Europe

Europe's banks depend on German interest rates

Chart of the week

Europe, Government bonds, Equities
Sep 19, 2019 Central banks

Central banks do what they can

The Fed has followed the ECB in cutting interest rates. How much the new monetary stimulus will help stabilize the world economy remains open.

Americas, Europe, Central banks
Sep 18, 2019 Central banks

Low for longer, but not lower

Yields are likely to remain low but not fall further. We believe a severe economic downturn would be needed to push them lower still.

Central banks, Inflation, Fixed Income, Global
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