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Oct 23, 2020 Macro

Glimmers of hope

Covid-19 infection rates are on the rise again. So, why have growth forecasts become more optimistic? Trends in service-sector sentiments suggest some answers

Macro, Global
Oct 22, 2020 Sustainability

Sustainability: 17 goals that are changing the world

Five years ago, the United Nations adopted 17 sustainability goals. The decision was a milestone – and that applies to financial markets too.

Equities, Sustainability, ESG
Oct 21, 2020 Macro

U.S. Economic Outlook

By: Christian Scherrmann

Decline ahead?

Macro, Americas
Oct 20, 2020 Commodities

CIO Commodity Commentary

By: Darwei Kung

Gold remains an attractive diversifier

Alternatives, Commodities, Global
Oct 20, 2020

Our probably final updates on U.S. election probabilities

By: Johannes Müller

Looking good for Democrats – don't count out the underdogs, though

Americas, Macro
Oct 20, 2020 Equities

Americas CIO View

By: David Bianco

The polls have spoken: Have the people?

Americas, Equities
Oct 16, 2020 Currencies

Chinese lessons

Covid-19’s first victim continues to recover, with structural measures increasing the economy’s robustness and boosting its currency. That is not without risks, however.

Asia & Pacific, Macro, Currencies
Oct 15, 2020 Equities

How to invest like a – smart – lemming

By: Dr. Thomas Schuessler, Andre Koettner

A veritable liquidity tsunami has lifted equities. With no fundamental upside left from here, now is the time to be selective.

Global, Macro, Equities
Oct 12, 2020 Equities

Americas CIO View

By: David Bianco

Third-quarter reporting ahead: suddenly last summer

Americas, Equities
Oct 09, 2020 Inflation

Early whiffs of inflation?

For the first time since 1995, U.S. durable consumer-goods prices are rising! At the very least, this shows how quickly inflation can react to changing conditions.

Americas, Macro, Central banks, Inflation
Oct 07, 2020 Fixed Income

Demographics squeezing yields

Yields are hovering at zero percent– are the monetary policies of the central banks the sole cause? No, not necessarily. There are clear indications that demographic changes also play a role.

Central banks, Fixed Income, Inflation, Demographics
Oct 06, 2020 ESG

The U.S. election and America’s ESG journey

By: Michael Lewis, Jason Chen

How sub-national actors have taken center stage in climate action

ESG, Americas
Oct 02, 2020 Sustainability

Burning down the house: Time to value biodiversity

Economic consequences of biodiversity loss and the role of financial regulators.

Sustainability, Global, ESG
Oct 02, 2020 Macro

Investment Traffic Lights

By: Stefan Kreuzkamp

We believe that the wait-and-see, nervous attitude of the markets in September could continue in October. Central-bank support remains important.

Alternatives, Equities, Global, Fixed Income, Multi Asset
Oct 01, 2020 Equities

Americas CIO View

By: David Bianco

Russell 2000: Search it for growth

Americas, Equities
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