Investing in Multi Asset

With Multi Asset we are leveraging capabilities across our global investment platform – for the benefit of our customers.

Experienced multi asset team backed by a global platform

Using long term capital market assumptions

Rigorous risk allocation framework

For Multi Asset we are leveraging the entire expertise of our global investment platform

At DWS we are dedicated to provide clients with custom Multi Asset solutions, leveraging the DWS global investment platform. We began managing Multi Asset funds in 1989 and Multi Asset mandates in 1968. Our stable and experienced investment team provides a wide range of strategies and customised solutions across the risk/return spectrum.

Our global capabilities combine portfolio construction and risk analytics, as well as pension solutions with capital, regulatory and industry expertise.

We are a global multi asset platform, and provide the full range of Multi Asset products and Services from high conviction Total-Return and Income Strategies, to OCIO (outsourced CIO) asset allocation advisory services and bespoke Institutional Solutions.

Our strengths in managing multi-asset solutions

Client-oriented approach

Client-oriented approach

Dedicated to providing DWS clients with custom Multi Asset investment solutions.

Modular framework

Modular framework

Wide range of strategies and custom solutions across the risk / return spectrum.

Global book of business

Global book of business

Managing assets globally for different client groups.

Experienced team

Experienced team

Solid team of investment professionals with diverse backgrounds.

Innovation leader

Innovation leader

Pension solutions, Risk management and Outcome-oriented solutions.

Client centricity

Client centricity

Implementation takes into account client reporting requirements from back office, risk management and trustees


We offer multi-asset solutions with different focus, depending on investors’ needs.

Multi Asset Core

Multi Asset Core is a Global Asset Allocation strategy which follows a total return approach within a pre-defined risk framework. The total return approach targets to maximize the return for a pre-defined risk budget.

The Investment process is a fundamental three step approach with Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) followed by Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) and third risk management as part of every step in the daily portfolio management decision-making and portfolio construction process.

Portfolio Risk is managed by a dynamic risk overlay to ensure that portfolio value remains above a given level.  

Optional usage of DWS ESG Engine in segregated accounts or ESG compliant funds is possible. 

Multi Asset Income

Multi Asset strategy with the objective to generate an above-average income stream for investors. Our approach combines a well diversified portfolio of traditional asset classes and alternative asset classes and focuses on sustainable income sources. A dedicated income portfolio management team leverages the asset class expertise of the global investment platform.

The main return drivers of Multi Asset Income strategies are income-generating asset classes including Equity Income, Fixed Income and Alternative Income together with strategic and tactical calls.

The Investment process is a fundamental three step approach with Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA), Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) and the selection of instruments with an attractive level of current income.

Multi Asset Total Return

Global Multi Asset strategy using an unconstrained approach to asset allocation within a rigorous risk management framework. The focus is on maximizing risk-adjusted returns for a clearly defined volatility profile through flexible and opportunistic investment by combining top-down allocation decision driven by macro views with bottom-up security selection.

The Multi Asset Total Return strategy possesses a dedicated boutique-style team of nine members embedded into DWS’ global research network. As the team uses a risk allocation approach instead of a traditional asset allocation approach, there is no adherence to any anchor portfolio.

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