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" The active representation of investor interests is an integral component of our investment processes, both in our active and passive businesses.

Simon Klein Global Head of Passive Sales, DWS

At a glance

Xtrackers ETFs by DWS is one of the world’s most established ETF providers. With a worldwide footprint and €230 billion in assets under management, Xtrackers is the largest Europe-based ETF provider and the fifth largest globally. Xtrackers has an index tracking record going back over 20 years and offers over 200 ETFs on various asset classes, including equity, fixed income, money market, currencies and commodities. With its growing number of ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) products and in-house focus on sustainable investment analytics, Xtrackers is playing a key role in the development of socially responsible investing. Xtrackers ETFs are listed on a number of stock exchanges across Europe, Asia, and in the US, and are supported by a range of market makers.

A suitable product for every investment objective

Global investment strategy, regional focus or national markets? Equities, bonds or commodities? No matter whether you invest strategically, provide for your retirement through a savings plan or aim to anticipate short-term trends – each of our more than 180 Xtrackers ETFs mirrors the performance of a well-known index. This means that you don’t just invest in a simple, transparent and diversified way, but also with flexibility and at a favourable price.


All Xtrackers ETFs at a glance here

Focus topics

ESG – Good for the climate, good for investing.

Investors who opt for passive instruments such as ETFs and index funds no longer have to accept that investor interests and sustainability aspects are not taken into consideration. Sustainability-oriented Xtrackers ESG ETFs replicate equity and fixed income indices with a strong focus on environmental, social and governance aspects.

Diversified investing – the essentials.

Since 2014, Xtrackers and its Core ETFs have provided a key foundation for every investment portfolio. These funds have a flat fee starting from as low as 0.07%, are cost-effective and physically replicating, and are based on major equity and fixed income indices.

Trends that will shape our future. Already investable today.

Xtrackers Thematic ETFs replicate indices that were conceived in line with forward-looking criteria. Therefore, investors today can already buy shares in companies that are well positioned to benefit from future trends such as artificial intelligence, big data and autonomous driving.

Bonds – so much more than interest

Bond ETFs offer comfortable and transparent access to the global fixed income market. Investors can diversify their investments across various regions, bond segments and maturity dates. These funds can therefore be particularly suitable for a short-term investment or as a long-term component of a balanced portfolio.

Our market know-how for you

As an ETF provider with global expertise, we supply our clients with regular commentaries and studies on current topics to open up new perspectives. Our DWS experts give you insights into their investment approaches, but we also support studies by independent providers that examine the market from other angles. Take a look at our current studies and analyses here.

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