Historically 104 direct

infrastructure investments

Currently 49 investments

under management

Team of dedicated professionals

in London, New York, and Chicago

The rise of infrastructure

As one of the largest global infrastructure investment managers, DWS's infrastructure investment business has one of the longest track-records in the industry.

Investing in economic infrastructure such as airports, transportation, utilities and energy related assets, we offer a diverse range of strategies across the risk / return and geographic spectrums, including infrastructure equity, listed infrastructure and debt.

We have been involved in landmark infrastructure transactions across the globe including infrastructure privatization and major investments in motorway, locomotive leasing and airports in Continental Europe, most notably Australia, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Access to opportunities

Offering global and regional strategies in infrastructure equity, debt and listed infrastructure, we provide access to high quality investment opportunities through closed end private infrastructure funds, closed end comingled and separate account strategies, and equity debt facilities for institutional investors with the aim of delivering superior performance.

Overview of DWS infrastructure investment strategies

Infrastructure Equity

Our equity infrastructure team consists of seasoned investment professionals in origination, execution, management and realization of infrastructure equity investments.

With over 80 investments to date, we invest in large-scale infrastructure assets through co-mingled unlisted funds and customised segregated accounts. We aim to provide investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns in the form of cash yield supported by long-term capital growth.

Our disciplined investment and due diligence process draws upon:

  • Extensive industry network and deal flow
  • Deep proprietary research
  • Detailed financial analysis and commercial structuring experience
  • Transparency for investors
  • An independent fiduciary focus
  • Reputation for delivering strong performance to be your partner of choice

Infrastructure Debt

  • Private infrastructure debt offers a compelling investment opportunity to fill the supply-demand imbalance as demand for capital increases, earning higher risk-adjusted yields than traditional fixed income products while further diversifying a portfolio.
  • As pioneers of infrastructure debt finance, our dedicated debt investment team holds a distinguished track record in origination, structuring, execution, and funds management, with long-standing relationships with equity sponsors, banks, and advisors in Europe and elsewhere.
  • Since the launch of the platform in 2014 we have raised $1.6 billion in capital and invested over $770 million into private infrastructure debt transactions through co-mingled and separate account strategies. These include private investment grade debt to economic and social infrastructure businesses across the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom, and private high yield debt to operating economic infrastructure businesses in the United States through rated infrastructure notes.
  • Our dedicated product development team will work closely with you to develop the appropriate investment structure.

Infrastructure Listed

Liquidity allows for scalability and flexibility according to market conditions or funding requirements. With diversification across regions and sectors, listed infrastructure offers an asset-based inflation hedge with attractive risk-adjusted returns.

We adopt a pure-play, asset-based focus which best replicates the investment characteristics of private infrastructure, providing superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our infrastructure securities team, supported by a large analyst team, is well connected in local markets, allowing for detailed stock specific coverage and information gathering and relationship-building opportunities throughout the globe.

    • Investment process combining market-leading  DCF analysis
    • Rigorous qualitative assessments allow for full vetting of companies, sectors, regions, and capital markets
    • Portfolio construction process designed to produce alpha through relative stock value and top-down views
    • Proper risk management controls throughout

Liquid Real Assets

Liquid Real Assets enable liquid investment in real assets such as real estate, infrastructure or even commodities.

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Real Estate

Diversify returns with relatively low correlation to traditional investments

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Sustainable Investments

DWS's Sustainable Investments team creates solutions for institutional, private investors, development banks, and governments, who share common social and environmental investment objectives and seek attractive financial returns.

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Private Equity

Our highly experienced private equity team creates and originates a variety of (often unique) investment opportunities, helping quality sponsors continue to back their best portfolio companies with innovative solutions.

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