How far have markets run ahead of themselves?

While we are optimistic about 2021, valuations look to have raced too far ahead and are vulnerable to short-term disappointment.

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Oct 15, 2020 Equities

How to invest like a – smart – lemming

A veritable liquidity tsunami has lifted equities. With no fundamental upside left from here, now is the time to be selective.

Sep 30, 2020 Alternatives

The future of office spaces

Contrary to common fears, Covid-19’s long-term effect on office demand might actually be accretive, or at least not destructive.

Sep 25, 2020 ESG

Thinking about sector allocation in new ways

Why ESG quality is such an important driver for investors and performance across companies, sectors and sub-sectors.

Sep 23, 2020 Fixed Income

Learning from market turbulence

In response to the economic damage, ample liquidity should continue to create opportunities, especially in corporate and higher yielding bonds.

Sep 03, 2020 Macro

Slow, but not so steady

Until the Covid-19 virus is finally defeated, the recovery looks set to continue at an uneven pace. Our Macro outlook explains why.

Aug 27, 2020 Forecasts

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