Sustainable Investments

Sustainable investing is becoming more and more popular. Not only because of social or environmental aspects, but increasingly also in terms of return.

2017: A milestone year

2017 marked the 20-year anniversary of the founding of DWS’s Sustainable Investments group, which moved to DWS's Alternatives platform in 2016. Beginning in 1997, the Bank recognized the transformative power of microfinance, a poverty alleviation tool developed to provide poor segments of society with affordable access to financial services. Through that launch of the DB Microcredit Development Fund (DB MDF), DWS was the first company globally to develop an impact investment fund to solve a societal challenge.

Over the past 20 years Deutsche Bank has lent ~USD400 million to 150+ microfinance institutions and alternative financial services companies, helping millions of entrepreneurs in 50+ developing countries.

We have also been an industry leader for knowledge building, convening key industry initiatives and promoting responsible investing accords and social performance measurement.

Those original investments led to a lasting commitment by DWS to use sustainable investments to improve low income communities globally across several sectors. Today, our funds are managed by DWS’s Sustainable Investments team, with global investments ranging from financial inclusion /microfinance to sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and clean urban transportation. Our mission remains steadfast to promote investing for a "triple-bottom line": people, planet and profits.

DWS's Sustainable Investments team creates solutions for institutional, private investors, development banks, and governments, who share common social and environmental investment objectives and seek attractive financial returns.

The business is organized around three components:

  • Financial Inclusion/Microfinance;
  • Social Enterprise Financing (agriculture, health, and energy); and
  • Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy.

The Sustainable Investments team represents experienced global investing capabilities that include several regionally-focused strategies in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Liquid Real Assets

Liquid Real Assets enable liquid investment in real assets such as real estate, infrastructure or even commodities.



Real Estate

Diversify returns with relatively low correlation to traditional investments


Hedge Funds

Our hedge fund strategy pursues an efficient, absolute return approach across business cycles, with the aim of generating attractive returns


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