Corporate Social Responsibility

With our social commitment, we take responsibility and work to combat climate change and promote social justice.

For us, taking on social responsibility means anchoring our commitment in a clear CSR strategy. CSR means corporate social responsibility, and in this context DWS is guided by the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and addresses two major challenges of our time: combating climate change and working for greater social justice.
Together with selected partner organizations, we want to provide targeted support for projects and initiatives that contribute to our strategy. We also want to address acute needs for support in our immediate neighborhood wherever we have the opportunity and a location, as a corporate citizen. Through donations, we can offer monetary assistance to organizations to purchase necessary equipment or urgently needed resources. Through Social days’ and centrally planned corporate volunteering activities by individual teams, our employees provide active support on site. Get to know our partner organizations below and learn more about the initiatives we regularly support.

We reached over 270,000 people with our social commitment in 2023. The majority of these - 250,000 people - with programs to protect the environment and the oceans.

We were able to support over 18,000 people with our social initiatives. Our employees also contributed to this through their voluntary work. 40 % of all projects were actively supported by our employees.

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Operation Deep Blue Legacy: DWS helps Healthy Seas embark on its most important maritime adventure yet

Get ready for an upcoming adventure! In 2024 we will support the next journey for ocean conservation. With its partners Ghost Diving and SDSS, the marine conservation organization Healthy Seas will embark on a mission with a focus on cleaning a historical shipwreck in a remote area of the Mediterranean from deadly ghost nets. Join us and watch the teaser video. Stay tuned for more updates on "Operation Deep Blue Legacy" in the upcoming months.

DWS donates again to Frankfurter Tafel

More and more people in Germany need support, which is also noticeable at the food banks: food donations are decreasing and at the same time demand is increasing. That is why we are supporting the Frankfurter Tafel with a donation of 10,000 euros, which was presented by our board member Manfred Bauer in December. A big thank you also to our employees for supporting the food bank on a voluntary basis with so much commitment.

World Food Day

DWS is joining the World Food Day celebration during the month of October. This is an important opportunity to raise awareness and support those that suffer from hunger and food security. With close to 25 CSR food related events happening around the globe, many of our colleagues are contributing to this good cause in one way or another! Whether it’s our CSR volunteers in the London office supporting meal prep and cooking at the Tooting Canteen, the US offices supporting food banks in Jacksonville, New York, Boston, Dallas and LA; our APAC volunteers serving food to the elderly in Singapore, along with the multiple staff events in Germany with Frankfuter Tafel  - every single effort counts! 


The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is one of the largest independent conservation organizations in the world. For over 2 years, DWS has supported the WWF marine conservation project in the Mesoamerican Reef near Belize. In their 3rd progress report, WWF shared the latest project updates as well as upcoming actions for the year in terms of coral restorations, policy updates, coral watch, reef health and mangroves. Results include 8 coral nurseries, 16 restoration sites in operation (across 6 MPA - marine protected areas), and a total of 8,833 corals that have already been planted this year, amongst others.  

Healthy Seas

Our CSR partner, Healthy Seas reached a significant milestone, celebrating its 10 year anniversary since being established. To mark this occasion, DWS welcomed our colleagues from the marine conservation organization to our headquarters in June in Frankfurt. This was the first time that Healthy Seas visited our offices in person. They had the opportunity to raise greater awareness of their excellent work, while our colleagues were able to engage interactively with the team and learn more about upcoming opportunities and ways to get involved to make a difference as an ambassador for Healthy Seas.

How did colleagues around the world participate on Earth Day?

This year our colleagues around the globe supported World Earth Day by organizing clean-up and awareness activities in nearby parks and beaches. From the USA to Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, and Luxembourg, all the way to Taiwan and India, we are drawing awareness to a more ecological and environmentally conscious lifestyle, recovering trash bags in nearby parks, and supporting one of our core CSR objectives: tackling climate change.

Healthy Seas launches activities in Hong Kong with the support of DWS

Our CSR partner, Healthy Seas, is expanding its geographic focus and launched a series of Ghost diving activities in Hong Kong with the support of DWS’s donation, made in December 2022 as a replacement of holiday gifts for clients.  

On March 18th, the Ghost Diving Hong Kong volunteer team kicked off its collaboration with Healthy Seas and with support from DWS, to successfully recover about 120kgs of gill nets in the area of Sharp Island, Hap Mun Bay, Sai Kung. Although gill nets are typically very light, they are also the deadliest type of marine litter to marine animals.

Since 2020, we have partnered with Healthy Seas in its efforts to rid the world's oceans of ghost nets, saving the lives of countless marine creatures.

Supporting Turkey and Syria

We believe in supporting those in need. The two devastating earthquakes and aftershocks that hit south-east Turkey and northern Syria, left thousands dead and even more people, including children, injured or affected.
UNICEF is one of the few relief organizations on the ground and is preparing and executing relief efforts.

To help the emergency efforts, DWS colleagues have pulled together, raising EUR 40,000 in charitable donations. This amount has been matched by DWS, and topped up with a corporate donation, bringing the total amount to around EUR 130,000 to support UNICEF’S important work in the region.

DWS supports the food bank "Frankfurter Tafel"

The situation at the German food banks is dramatic: The number of needy people has increased, while the amount food donations has gone down significantly. That is why we were very happy to support the food bank “Frankfurter Tafel” with a donation of 30,000 euros, which was handed over by our Executive Board member Manfred Bauer. The helpers at the food bank do amazing work throughout the year and we are happy to make a contribution to support the organization.  

DWS donates to UNICEF to fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa

People in the Horn of Africa are currently suffering from the worst drought in 40 years. Families in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are particularly affected. Their fields and crops have withered, and livestock have died. The devastating drought has destroyed their livelihoods and led to a hunger crisis.

Before Christmas, our employees globally donated around 15,000 euros to UNICEF so that people in the Horn of Africa can be supplied with special food, drinking water, hygiene articles and medicines. With an additional donation of 20,000 euros, DWS more than just doubled the employee donations.

World Food Day 2022 - DWS commits to “leave NO ONE behind”

Each year on October 16, DWS celebrates World Food Day, an event established by the UN to raise greater awareness on "how to build a world where everyone has access to enough nutritious food”.  In particular, the UN reinforces the key message of "leave NO ONE behind”, a sentiment that is particularly poignant amid the ongoing pandemic, geopolitical tensions and cost-of-living crisis. Therefore, our employees got involved with local food banks at various locations.

How did colleagues around the world set an example on World Cleanup Day?

September 17 marked this year's World Cleanup Day – observed annually across the globe – focused on protecting and keeping the environment clean. For the first time, DWS organized a global series of events to mark the entire month of September in the spirit of environmental protection. Colleagues from Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France, India, the Philippines and Japan took part in the clean-up activities. Colleagues not only cleared streets of litter, but also coasts, riverbanks and seas.

DWS donated EUR 1 million to provide Coronavirus pandemic relief

Aid benefited the socially disadvantaged in order to ensure basic services.

Climate Action – Our contribution to the Blue Economy

71% of the earth's surface is covered by oceans. They are not only the habitat for thousands of marine creatures, but also an essential part of our climate and environment. Supporting and protecting them is important for all of us. As a corporate citizen, DWS is committed to protecting our oceans and preserving the Blue Economy. That's why we work closely with ocean and environmental organizations such as Healthy Seas and WWF Germany.
Here you can find more information about our partnerships with Healthy Seas and WWF Germany.

DWS supports WWF's marine conservation work

As a further contribution to ocean conservation, we are supporting a multi-year WWF project along the Mesoamerican Reef near Belize, helping to mitigate climate change in the region.

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Full speed ahead - hunting for ghost nets

Since 2020, DWS has been supporting the marine conservation organization Healthy Seas in its efforts to free up the world's oceans of "ghost nets" and thus protect the lives of countless marine creatures.

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Social Inequalities – Our contribution to reach more social equity

Acute aid in the neighborhood, the fight against hunger, help for homeless people, support for children – these are just a few examples of initiatives that are close to our hearts as part of our social and societal responsibility. In the form of donations, but also with on-site assignments, we – DWS and our employees – provide support and send a clear signal: Only together can we achieve positive change in our society.

Learn more about the organizations and institutions we support:

Stronger Women, Stronger Nations: How is our social commitment demonstrating synergy with our business?

Women for Women International ( is a global non-profit organization that invests in women survivors of war and conflict, providing them with social and economic skills to transform their own lives. Women share their knowledge with those around them, creating a fairer world – a world where every woman's voice, role and contribution are visible and valued. As part of our CSR strategy – with which we advocate for more social justice – we have been supporting this organization since 2023 and thus a class of 20 women from Nigeria.  
Since enrolling in the 12-month "Stronger Women, Stronger Nations" training program, the women have been participating in the orientation phase of the program as well as in the collection of basic data. They also started training on social and economic empowerment, starting with a module on women's solidarity, which included concepts for building effective social networks, the importance of leadership, and understanding conflict, violence, negotiation, and peacebuilding.

Feeding Britain

Feeding Britain is a network of various organizations in the UK with the goal of fighting hunger. During the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, the organization set up an emergency program for children and their families: Through a combination of home deliveries and community collection sites, hot meals and food packages were provided to help low-income families eat three meals a day. DWS helped with a large donation at the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis to fund a food truck and set it up accordingly. In addition, there are opportunities for employees to volunteer to help distribute the food.

The Ark

The Ark is a non-profit institution that provides families with food, clothing and games, among other things, and offers various leisure activities, homework support and learning support for children. The goal of the Ark is to empower children and their families. DWS employees have the opportunity to help with homework supervision. DWS HR employees also celebrate children's birthdays together with the children of the Ark once a month: you can see the joy in the eyes of tje children at the end of such a day.

The food banks

More and more people in Germany need support, which is also noticeable at the food banks: food donations are declining and at the same time demand is increasing. That is why we are supporting the Frankfurter Tafel with a donation of 10,000 euros, which was presented by our board member Manfred Bauer. A big thank you also to our employees for supporting the food bank on a voluntary basis with so much commitment.

The Conservation Volunteers

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) is a non-profit charity in the UK that focuses on environmental protection and offers volunteers opportunities to participate in various projects. From local parks, woodlands or community gardens to local nature reserves or even public land, volunteers help with gardening, supporting conservation and the protection of nature. Several teams from DWS have already participated in the volunteering missions.

Mountain Forest Project

The Bergwaldprojekt e. V. is committed to the protection, preservation and care of the forest and promotes an understanding of interrelationships in nature, the concerns of the forest and the dependence of humans on these basic resources. To achieve this vision and spread awareness, the Mountain Forest Project works with volunteers in forests, peatlands and open-land biotopes in various locations. Numerous DWS colleagues in Germany and Switzerland have already participated in missions.

Our partners in the USA

In the USA, we also work with organizations that are primarily involved in environmental protection. These include Central Park Conservancy (New York), Chicago Parks Foundation (Chicago), Keep Massachusetts Beautiful (Boston), Pacific Beach Coalition (San Francisco), Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol (Jacksonville), Feeding America (San Francisco), Women’s Lunch Place (Boston), Big Brothers Big Sisters (Chicago), Feeding Northeast Florida (Jacksonville), Special Olympics (Chicago), Someone Cares Soup Kitchen (Costa Mesa), Greater Chicago Food Depository (Chicago), Greater Boston Food Bank (Boston), City Harvest (New York).

As a result, DWS employees in the U.S. have been able to volunteer for missions including beach and park clean-ups and gardening.

Our strategic partners

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