The WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) is one of the largest independent conservation organizations in the world and is active in more than 100 countries around the world. WWF's goal is to stop the worldwide destruction of nature and to create a future in which people and nature live in harmony.

DWS is proud to facilitate a multi-year marine conservation project of WWF (World Wild Fund For Nature) as a contribution to the protection of the oceans. In the Caribbean near Belize lies the second largest coral reef in the world – the largest in the Western Hemisphere. This Mesoamerican reef is home to a huge amount of biodiversity around the shimmering corals. The coast in Belize is also known for its mangrove forests. Unfortunately, nature there is also threatened by climate change and rising water temperatures. Human intervention, such as overfishing, also threatens the corals and marine life. With our support, WWF is now pursuing this holistic project since 2021 in order to, among other things, work with political decision-makers and local people to find measures for sustainable development in the region and gradually implement them. With this project, we are helping to mitigate climate change and promote a sustainable "blue economy" in the region.

Our measures for the protection of the coral reef

The goal of the project is to restore and protect both the coral reef and mangrove ecosystems so that they continue to provide sustainable livelihoods for local coastal communities.
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Coral restoration

Increase coral restoration activities in specific marine protected areas.

National restoration guidelines

Develop and implement policy frameworks to restore coral reefs and mangroves

Coral monitoring program

Implement a national coral reef monitoring program focused on mobilizing local fishermen and tour guides. In addition, to involve them in the monitoring, restoration and protection of the reefs

Reef condition monitoring

Work with the national coral reef monitoring network and HRI (Healthy Reefs Initiative) to strengthen capacity for reef condition monitoring, reporting, and eco-auditing


Establishment of a Belize Mangrove Alliance and a community-based mobilization network to promote mangrove conservation and restoration.

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