This policy explains how cookies are used on DWS websites and mobile applications. This policy may be amended or updated from time to time. We encourage you to regularly check this page to review any changes we may make.

This policy should be read alongside our Privacy Policy, found here (


We collect, process, and use personal information on our websites in order to offer you even better products and services, best adapt our business processes to our clients’ needs, and steer you to the most suitable product information and applications.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer to ensure the technical functionality of the website. DWS uses cookies in some areas of its web pages to make it easier for you to use the pages and to make them more personalized.

Cookies help us provide you with a personalized online experience by:

  • Storing your username and password for future visits, making each login more efficient;
  • Providing you with a personalized experience by allowing us to store your preferences;
  • Helping ensure you obtain all the information you request; and
  • Helping us deliver communications that are relevant and responsive to your interests and location.

 Our cookies are limited to our websites only and are not designed to follow you when you surf the internet after leaving our websites.

Third Party Cookies

Third parties and service providers may deploy cookies in connection with their services to us or if you are on their website at the same time you visit our website. Third-party cookies can track what websites you visit, including ours, and can help third parties deliver advertisements for us or for unaffiliated third parties. We cannot control the use of cookies by third parties or service providers.

Managing your Cookie Preferences

You have the right to choose how cookies are used during your visits to our websites and mobile applications.

For your reference, we use the following types of cookies:

  • Essential cookies
    Our websites use cookies, which are necessary for the technical functionality of our websites and the detection of errors and security-relevant anomalies or to offer a service or option you have requested.
  • Functional and preference cookies
    Functional and preference cookies enable our website to save information that has already been entered (such as username, language selection or location information) and to offer improved, personalized functionalities. Such cookies are also used to enable functionalities such as playing videos.
  • Analysis cookies

    We strive to continuously improve the website. For this purpose, we use cookies providing us with overall statistics about the number of visitors, which areas of a page are viewed most frequently, information about the city or location of the users and the length of stay, etc., but also as a statistical audience tool to assess the success of digital communication and marketing measures. These can be installed by external analysis providers commissioned by us.

    To adapt our website to your interests and needs, as well as for the purpose of market research, we analyze data that is generated when visiting our website if you have given explicit consent to analysis cookies. We use the Mapp Digital c/o Webtrekk GmbH (Berlin) for this purpose.

    Mapp Digital collects anonymized usage data on our website visitors' browsing behavior on our behalf. For this purpose, Mapp Digital sets a session cookie through your browser. The session cookie enables us to record your visit across several DWS websites. The session cookie is set anew each time you visit our website and expires after you leave our website. Mapp Digital also sets a temporary cookie that enables us to identify you pseudonymized, using the cookie identification number, as a returning visitor to our website.

  • Marketing cookies

    Our websites use cookies so that we can measure and optimize the success of our marketing campaigns. To do this, we track the needs of users in order to prevent them from being shown content that is not relevant to them. Based on these cookies, we personalize our marketing campaigns to the needs of the users.

    If you have consented to the use of marketing cookies, we use the re-marketing technology of our advertising partners on our website. It enables us to recognize visitors to our websites on the websites of our advertising partners using a pseudonym and to address them with information relating to their interests. During a visit to our website, a temporary cookie from our advertising partners is placed by the browser of your end device as part of the re-marketing. This cookie enables us to carry out the re-marketing in real time.

    To display advertisements on the websites of our advertising partners, we use technologies, so-called “re-marketing pixels,” from third-party providers. The “re-marketing pixels” also use cookies to assign a pseudonymized identification number to your browser. The use of cookies enables publishers (based on your visits to our website) to place advertisements on the websites of our advertising partners. The cookies do not contain any information that would allow conclusions to be drawn about you as a natural person.

    If you want to prevent the use of these cookies, you can deactivate the marketing cookies under cookie settings. This also prevents the transmission of data to the above-mentioned publishers.

    As part of re-marketing, no personal data will be processed or passed on to Mapp Digital or our advertising partners without your explicit consent.

How to Control Cookies

Some cookies allow you to take full advantage of the functionality of our website. In order to offer certain functionalities, certain technically necessary cookies can be used to display these functionalities correctly.

You can set your web browser to disable cookies. Please note that most browsers offer different ways to protect your privacy. If you do not activate or deactivate certain cookies via the browser settings, it is possible that certain functionalities will not be available to you as expected. For example, you can allow first-party cookies, but block third-party cookies, or receive a notification each time a website wants to install a cookie.

Please note that if you disable cookies in this way, you will not be able to set new cookies. However, it will not prevent previously set cookies from continuing to work on your device until you clear all cookies in your browser settings. Instructions for managing cookies on your browser can usually be found under the browser's help function or in the operating instructions for your smartphone.

Please find an overview of all cookies and configuration options in the cookie settings.



For any questions about our use of these online tools, please contact us through either of the options below:

Email Telephone  (855) 744-3355 - toll-free | Representatives available 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST

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