Exploring Climate Investment Trends and Geopolitical Impacts

Michael Lewis, Head of Research, ESG discusses with Asset TV.

Investing in semiconductors

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Cybersecurity: The virtual threat is real

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Opportunities within U.S. green infrastructure

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How can private markets drive Europe’s transformation?

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15-Feb-24 DWS Research Institute

A Bit of Bitcoin Considerations for an Allocation

By: Robert Bush, Angelina Kostyrina, Steve Kurz, David Knowlton, CFA

​A short examination of how investors should think about Bitcoin. Which investment and asset class framework to use for thinking about them, and whether they deserve a place in a diversified portfolio.

13-Feb-24 DWS Research Institute

U.S. High Yield for Insurance Companies

By: Jason Chen

Evaluating the high yield landscape for insurance investors

12-Feb-24 DWS Research Institute

High Yield Bonds for Allocators

By: Jason Chen

Evaluating the use of high yield within an investment portfolio

Multi Asset, Fixed Income
07-Feb-24 DWS Research Institute

The DWS Macro Metric Part II – Investment Grade

By: Johannes Müller, Robert Bush

Finance and psychology go hand in hand.

02-Jan-24 DWS Research Institute

Flipping the Crypto Script

By: Björn Jesch, Thomas Schuessler, Steve Kurz, Chris Rhine

An interview with four senior leaders from DWS and Galaxy.

11-Dec-23 ESG

Nature-focused regulations start to get serious

By: Michael Lewis, Steffen Kutscher, Otar Sarishvili, Dr. Yannik Bofinger

Whitepaper #1: Catching-up to climate

27-Nov-23 Multi Asset

Long View Q3: Japanese reflation

By: Jason Chen, Katrin Loehken, Dirk Schlüter

Japanese market has generated renewed confidence among investors with the potential to escape the deflationary trap of the past three decades.

Multi Asset
10-Nov-23 Thematics

Mr. Market Goes to Washington

By: Maria Milina, Robert Bush, Jason Chen

Once considered separate domains, economic and national security have seen growing convergence in recent years.

Thematics, Americas, Globalization, Technology
25-Oct-23 DWS Research Institute

Thematic Investing: Skating to the Economic Puck

By: Robert Bush, Jason Chen, Maria Milina

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” - Wayne Gretzky, Professional Ice Hockey Player, and Coach

18-Oct-23 Real Estate

Decoding Carbon in Real Estate: Strategic implications of taking a whole lifecycle approach

By: Siena Golan, Murray Birt, Aleksandra (Sasha) Njagulj

In the race to reach ‘net zero’ carbon emissions, much effort has been directed towards reducing the carbon produced in operating buildings

Real Estate
18-Oct-23 Infrastructure

Transforming European Energy: Alternative Fuels

By: Richard Marshall

DWS’s major report on European Transformation concluded that a deep transformation is needed to maintain Europe’s sustainable prosperity.

Infrastructure, Energy
27-Sep-23 Multi Asset

The Global Market Portfolio

By: Peter Warken, Angelina Kostyrina, Timo Schanz, Jason Chen

The 2023 Update

Multi Asset
12-Sep-23 ESG

Navigating the climate index jungle

By: Michael Lewis, Lukas Ahnert

Climate benchmarks and their personalities

17-Aug-23 Multi Asset

Long View Q2: Inverted yield curves

By: Jason Chen, Dirk Schlüter

Fixed income returns in inverted yield curve environments

Multi Asset
26-Jul-23 DWS Research Institute

Investing in semiconductors

By: Jason Chen, Maria Milina, Robert Bush

26-Jul-23 DWS Research Institute

Cybersecurity: The virtual threat is real

By: Jason Chen, Maria Milina, Robert Bush

26-Jul-23 DWS Research Institute

Opportunities within U.S. green infrastructure

By: Maria Milina, Jason Chen, Robert Bush

06-Jul-23 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

By: Jason Chen, Maria Milina

Opportunities for investors

Technology, Autonomous driving, Big Data, Information Technology
23-May-23 ESG

Dialing up climate finance in emerging markets

By: Michael Lewis

From the billions to trillions

16-May-23 Multi Asset

Long View Q1: Monetary tightening

By: Jason Chen, Christian Scherrmann, Dirk Schlüter

Transmission of monetary tightening into financial conditions and demand destruction

Multi Asset, Interest rates, Monetary policy
20-Apr-23 DWS Research Institute

Direct lending & the European transformation

By: Maria Milina, Murray Birt, Michael Lewis

A financing solution for SMEs to participate in the transition

Alternatives, Europe, ESG
31-Mar-23 DWS Research Institute

The Role of REITs in Real Estate Allocations

By: Geoffrey Shaver, CFA, Annie Del Giudice, Jason Chen, Grace Qiu Tiantian, Ph.D., Harry Huang Peng, CAIA, FRM

Alternatives, Real Estate
23-Mar-23 Allocation

DWS Long View - 2023

By: Jason Chen, Francesco Curto, Dirk Schlüter

In this edition of the Long View, we examine the risks around monetary policy tightening measures.

Allocation, Multi Asset
09-Mar-23 ESG

Transforming transportation

By: Michael Lewis, Maria Milina, Richard Marshall

Policies to electrify European roads

Macro, ESG, Alternatives
15-Dec-22 ESG

A Framework for European Transformation

By: Francesco Curto, Johannes Müller, Murray Birt, Peter Doralt

Macro, ESG, Alternatives
23-Nov-22 ESG

ESG Special – Inequality

By: Martin Moryson

Inequality – An Investors’ Perspective.

15-Nov-22 Allocation

Long View Q3: The discount rate

By: Francesco Curto, Jason Chen

The importance of interest rates and inflation on equity fair value

Allocation, Multi Asset, Interest rates
04-Aug-22 Macro

Long View Q2: The risk of the ‘new normal’

By: Francesco Curto, Jason Chen

Implications on the global macroeconomy and financial markets.

Allocation, Macro
28-Jul-22 Multi Asset

The Global Market Portfolio

By: Peter Warken, Angelina Kostyrina

Setting a new standard for the post 60/40 regime

Multi Asset
16-May-22 Macro

Long View Q1: The impact of country risks

By: Francesco Curto, Jason Chen

Within this report, we present the DWS long-term capital market assumptions as of the end of March 2022 for major asset classes.

Allocation, Macro

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