27-Sep-23 Multi Asset
Peter Warken

Peter Warken

Head of Strategic Asset Allocation
Angelina Kostyrina

Angelina Kostyrina

Portfolio Manager
Timo Schanz

Timo Schanz

Portfolio Analyst

The Global Market Portfolio

The 2023 Update

  • Our study in a short- and long-term context
  • The global market portfolio
  • Asset and risk allocation
  • Changes relative to the 2022 GMP

How can investors reach their financial goals in the current market environment? Which asset classes need to be considered? One year ago, we delved into the global market portfolio concept to help answer these questions. The months after the publication have been shaped by various drivers ranging from euphoric hopes for an AI revolution paired with robust economic performance to cases of market stress underpinning recessionary expectations. The difficulty of navigating these crosscurrents is a reminder for investors to find a good starting point for a long-term investment. We believe that our updated global market portfolio (GMP) allocation fits this purpose exactly.

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