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Our dedicated ESG Thematic Research team analyses relevant ESG topics and publishes reports on the issues and megatrends impacting investment decisions, such as climate change, renewable energy, water sustainability, corporate governance and social and labour practices. The team also partners with leading academics and sustainable finance experts, as well as participating in industry working groups and providing input to policymakers in cooperation with DWS’s investment specialists as it relates to ESG.

A robust ESG thematic research capability is an essential element in increasing the awareness of controversial ESG issues that are relevant for our client base and investment professionals. With in-depth analysis our clients are therefore better placed to make a decision on how they treat certain controversial sectors as well as identify potential investment risks and opportunities. Last but not least, we leverage the knowledge of our sector analysts across equities and fixed income for ESG integration related issues.

Financial markets are having to contend with rapid technological change and the increasing scope and pace of ESG regulation with the consequent implications for investment returns. The following research snapshots provide a flavour of some of the sectors and asset classes we believe hold significant ESG risks and/or opportunities.

" Our task is to support our clients and investment teams to understand and consider major sustainability risks and opportunities in their everyday business.

Michael Lewis Head of Research, ESG

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