Proud to be part of the Lakers family

From now on, we’re partnering together for a successful future.


New DWS partner: The Los Angeles Lakers

Effective immediately, DWS is the "Official Global Investment Sponsor" of the 17-time NBA champions: We are looking forward to partnership and successful cooperation with the Los Angeles Lakers.


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Who are the Los Angeles Lakers?

With 61 playoff appearances and 17 championships, the Los Angeles Lakers are the most successful franchise in NBA history. Learn about their history and get to know our new partner.

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DWS – who we are

DWS is a global asset manager. In our continuous pursuit of excellent results, we always remain committed to our core values of credibility, transparency, sustainability and innovation.

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Dec 03, 2021 Global

Investment Traffic Lights | Quarterly Edition

Omicron and inflation have hit markets. But they probably won’t change the economic outlook much. We con-tinue to believe a good year for the markets lies ahead.
Dec 03, 2021 Macro

How not to think about Omicron

Heading into the third year of the pandemic, markets have a well-developed script on how to react to bad news. Therein lies opportunity for more discerning types.
Dec 02, 2021 Inflation

Inflationary paradigm shifts

Heading into 2022, the medium-term inflation outlook remains more uncertain than it has been for decades. That will create potential opportunities as well as risks for investors.
Nov 30, 2021 Inflation

Eurozone inflation surges to a new record

What to make of the annual inflation rate of 4.9%?
Nov 29, 2021 Global

New Covid-19 variant Omicron

So far uncertainty persists
Nov 29, 2021 Global

2022 – strong enough for monetary detox?

The global economy should grow above potential in 2022, with inflation worries proving worse than inflation itself. Declining monetary support could unsettle markets, however.

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