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What central-bank digital currencies might and might not be able to deliver.

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Fixed Income Overview

May 21, 2021 Emerging Markets

Unsafe havens? EM bonds come of age

Rising Treasury yields have historically been anything but bad news for emerging-market bonds. In fact, most of the time this has even reduced their risk premium. Don't underestimate them.

Fixed Income, Emerging Markets
Mar 19, 2021 Global

Market Outlook | An unusual upswing is gaining pace

The global economy is expected to achieve remarkably high growth in 2021. This is a good basis for the capital markets, but it creates risks and may require reallocations.

Macro, Fixed Income, Alternatives, Equities, Multi Asset
Feb 19, 2021 Inflation

Are markets right to be quite so upbeat?

Looking at the divergence between the copper/gold ratio and real yields suggests that some caution may be in order.

Inflation, Macro, Fixed Income, Commodities
Dec 10, 2020 CIO View Quarterly

CIO View complete

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Alternatives, ESG, Equities, Fixed Income, Macro, Multi Asset
Nov 27, 2020 Fixed Income

The case for credit remains strong

By: Joern Wasmund

A lot has changed, but readers familiar with our previous annual outlook might experience a strange sense of déjà vu.

Global, Government bonds, Fixed Income, High yield, Investment grade
Nov 13, 2020 Government bonds

Hunt for yield

Given the current increase in Treasury yields, we think investors can probably log in the gap between German Bunds and euro-hedged U.S. Treasury yields for quite a while.

Government bonds, Fixed Income, Europe

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Jul 23, 2021 ESG

Living beyond our means

There are several ways to express that humans are living way beyond Earth's means. The bill has arrived and will keep on coming.
Jul 16, 2021 Equities

Earnings-season rituals

Once again, much fuss will be made around the earnings season; beats and misses will move individual share prices. Investors shouldn't worry too much in our view.
Jul 09, 2021 Equities

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S&P 500 & R2000: Strong EPS growth, but different sector/style drivers
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