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15. Nov 2019 Macro

Not so fast

Chart of the week

14. Nov 2019 Equities

Americas CIO View

Re-examine valuation and growth at new record high

08. Nov 2019 Equities

Quarterly earnings aren't what's driving stocks

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07. Nov 2019 Macro

European fiscal stimulus? Don't get your hopes up!

While German fiscal policy is fairly expansionary by its own standards, requests for more fiscal stimulus are mounting. Without a serious recession in sight we don't expect much more.

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04. Okt 2019

CIO View complete

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30. Sep 2019 Central banks

Ready for sideways trading

Central banks have pushed valuations up, leaving little upside potential. We stick to equities and hedge portfolios.

25. Sep 2019 ESG

Climate-transition risk and asset allocation

A methodology that focuses on climate-transition risk may help to identify investment implications of moving toward a low-carbon economy.

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Investment Topics

15. Nov 2019 Equities

Everything you ever wanted to know about dividends

Dividend stocks offer stability and reliable income. But have you ever heard of dividends in kind, or dividend aristocrats? A quick look at ten interesting dividend facts.

12. Nov 2019 Sustainability

Investing sustainably: “a win-win-win situation”

Paul Buchwitz, Fund Manager of DWS SDG Global Equities, explains how the environment, companies and investors alike benefit from sustainable investments.

04. Nov 2019 Bonds

Bonds – the search for lost interest

If you want to invest in bonds these days and don’t want to miss out on earning interest, you need to allocate globally.

DWS Research Institute

18. Nov 2019 ESG

Integrating climate transition risk into investment portfolios

Climate change is a significant risk for investors, from the financial losses incurred from extreme weather events, the asset re-pricing in the transition to a low carbon economy to the use of law courts as a new instrument to enforce and accelerate climate change action.

29. Okt 2019 ESG

Why emerging markets are defined by ESG

ESG forces are moving deeper into emerging markets from the network of central banks sharing best practice, stock exchanges mandating ESG disclosure requirements, regulators acting in the area of fiduciary duty and the launch of new EM-focused investment products.

09. Okt 2019 ESG

Responsible investing - The world tour

How the U.S. is playing a leading role, why ESG is particularly relevant for Emerging Markets, and Europe’s ambitions to be a global rule setter

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