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CIO Asset Class Outlook

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U.S. Real Estate Debt Market Perspectives

In our view, high yields, attractive spreads, impending debt maturities, and a retrenchment from banks have created favorable conditions for private real estate debt investors.

U.S. Real Estate: Risk or Opportunity?

Doomsday headlines may persist, but do not be fooled: The outlook for real estate is getting brighter.

Retail sector shines as the U.S. consumer remains resilient

We believe that structurally tight labor markets and robust household finances — together with low current vacancies and limited new construction — will continue to underpin healthy retail fundamentals for the foreseeable future.

2024 Real Estate Outlook

We believe that 2024 will mark a turning point for U.S. real estate, as easing financial conditions offset a soft patch for fundamentals.

Residential: 2024 Outlook

While there has been a resurgence in renter demand to levels consistent with strong pre-pandemic years, the nation’s apartment market is still expected to see rising vacancies as it continues moderating into the close of 2023.

Breaking Down US Industrial Stock and the Record Construction Pipeline

The industrial property sector has had an extraordinary run in the past decade, exhibiting durable strength despite a few challenges along the way.

De-Bunking the Doomsday Delusion

A rising chorus has proclaimed the death of U.S. commercial real estate (CRE) — and the banks that lend on it. But to paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of real estate’s death may be greatly exaggerated. Much of the recent anxiety stems from profound misconceptions.

After Recent Volatility, the Industrial Market is Normalizing to Pre-COVID Levels

Not all commercial real estate is created equal. While some office properties are struggling, Industrial real estate continues its strong performance.

Retail Right-sizing Fuel Strong Sector Performance

While capital continues to favor industrial and residential investments, the retail sector’s robust performance has been barely noticed.

Real Estate Fundamentals Defy Higher Interest Rates

U.S. real estate investment performance has struggled in response to rising interest rates. Yet underlying fundamentals remain robust.

Office Conversions: One Size Does Not Fit All

Record-low apartment vacancies and sustained, elevated rent growth have made office to residential conversions attractive to opportunistic developers.

Artificial Intelligence – The Journey Begins

The first quarter of 2023 will likely go down in history as the time when the world became aware that the “cognitive” abilities of information machines hit a tipping point.

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